End this sickness, heal this place.

in #music19 days ago

I’ve had these feelings for years. I feel powerless. All I can do is speak out into the vacuum of internet social media platforms to no resolve. It’s a sickness that plagues humanity. The powerful, poisoning our minds so we fight with each other and maintain business as usual.
Rather than actively changing things for the better.

But it’s not just that.

It’s hating each other because we think differently. It’s striking down conversations because it makes us uncomfortable. Getting emotional over words. Also, being ignorant of the greater world. Talking shit about each other behind backs around the water cooler trying to appease the collective and its toxicity. Signalling to the crowd you want to be accepted into.

They say it’s human nature. It makes me wish I weren’t human. I’m not saying I am flawless. I do fall for these psychological tricks we all struggle and play with each other. I just think the only way we will ever End this sickness, and heal this place is when we all strive to be more than human. To not revert to insulting each other, but to be patient, communicate, and love each other. But to do that we need to do away with dehumanizing each other. Being absolute in our politics. Thinking hate and a fist is the means of change.