Sam Prock - Wine

in #music2 years ago

Tipsy meditative, groove reflective, masculine chillout. Chill hard!

My own favorite track for the new Flower Power - Prock Prock album, 11/29/2019.

Usually i post fresh improv, faster made tune. This one is different. Two years of mixing, mastering, getting dozens of basslines bumping to each other in a slo-mo Pogo dance. Had a blast producing it in Ableton with Arturia synths and IK Multimedia tools.

Having said that, thats a rule, Fender Strat tipsy guitar noodle improv comes almost as-is, as it happened one good day. You can spend endless time mixing, polishing, growing your skills, but if something just happened - let it be. Power of music is in the improvisation and art of impression. Hope you share that thoughts and enjoy the do. TNX!

Listen Flower Power everywhere and connect. Appreciate your support and playlisting too!

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