Hello my friend Acoustic

in music •  last year

Hello my friend, i know that i hurt you but i dont wanna loose you today...

Me and a very good friend wrote this song together hope you enjoy it. peace...

Copyright: Sami D. Barid / Gökhan Nadir

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the was beautiful man,i love song.

hi alll check out mu channel like and subscribe it i will do the same for you

beautifully executed


Really Thank you

I love everything about music keep the good work going


I will 😁 Thank you so much


What a video ,nice music.

That was beautiful man... I love acoustic guitar duets! Check out the #openmic challenge, you'd be great for it :)

Great work buddy and the combination is just awesome,i could only able to hear it because of the resteem of @tosch because i am following him since long but could able to connect with him as he is not that active


Thank you so much my friend


My pleasure friend stay connected.

what's new friends stimeet. do you healthy and good

Wow I really enjoyed listening!! Nice!!

Awwwww! Love eeet.

Love the drum sounds!! Nice touch!

Nun haste mich aber überzeugt !! Machst tolle Musik, das hier klingt wunderschön !!

Mache auch Musik, kannst ja mal reinhorchen bei mir.

Beste Grüße