Existence - Sami D. Barid

in music •  8 months ago

Sorry for the mistakes just wanted to show you my new piece "Existence". have a great week everybody PEACE!

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wow excellent content of music, sami.D wow.. incredible


I agree just love his awesomeness.


Thank you very much 😁

I could stay all day listening to this video


This is so nice Thank you very much

Being an artist means sharing your creation with the world, though truthfully, it is the most terrifying part of job description.
This is no exaggeration.
It is scary because it invites constructive criticism at its best, and blatant rejection at it's worst;
which on top of your already healthy dollop of self-doubt is potentially fatal to an artist's career.
We do it anyway, and therein lies our strength. We silence our inner critic and his love 'the ego', so we can be vulnerable and help others, to recognize the beauty that lays in wait within them.
We are all born artists. Some just take a little longer to show their version of it.
Thank you for sharing your work with us my brother. I am both humbled and inspired by your courage & talent.
Namaste! :)


Wow. Your words Made my day. Thank you Really Really much 👍😊

Great music! I t is amazing you follow your dream, the mistakes are beautiful!


This is so nice Thank you!

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

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Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid
nice music


Really Thank you so much !

@samidbarid, I wish I could play even half as good as you can. thank you for posting this video, was great to listen to through my headphones.


You will my friend just do it Every day. Salute! Thank you

Great work, don't admit to mistakes, just call it the jazz version.


That was to funny my friend 😅 Thank you !

Hey, wonderfull piano playing here !! Sounds very nice !!

Greetings from Germany


Those are some serious piano chops. Very expressive as well.

Epic!!!!! 👌🏽👊🏽😎❤

above excellence friend.