Native American Flute Sound Healing Meditation

in music •  last year

Playing some Native American Flute in A Sound Healing Meditation. This type of meditation is a type of focal meditation. In Focal meditation, the attention is placed on the breathing, an object like a candle flame or a sound like the sound of a singing bowl or in this case the playing of a flute.

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That was beautiful! I am really into sound healing right now, via the gong, flute or singing bowls. This was very relaxing~Thanks


Hi, Marnie, Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it. I have lead Sound Healing Circles for years and I play many relaxing Instruments even some Celtic Harp & Japanese Koto too.


Great, thats good to know. I'm following you for more sound healing:)

Man from vaudle to all over steem it is the SAGE show :) cool to see you on Dtube dlive and dsound all in one day. Keep it up my friend.