music : sh0 - BRICK

in music •  22 days ago  (edited)

dtube on my nerves again ... is it an in-crowd thing or something AGAIN (that would be a first in yuppie-land where 'blockchain' is a keyword no one really gets, you just sound COOL saying it out loud, right ?

sh0 - "BRICK" by sh0 (=alleycat = me)

early 1990s , Triton Fast Tracker 2 ... oldskool newskool - different days, the vibe ... there WAS vibe, there was SOUL, now there's mental flatline


i still need to know who stole my brain, all that shit came while sleeping and now it comes not ...

dtube = bla


and #stuff

preparing a showcase between the bouts of headache a la supreme

goes a lot faster like this for me than using wp, no offense intended, it's just a habit :p

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