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#music : sh0 - starry nightsky and the cats, by sh0 (=alleycat =me), early 1990s, Triton Fast Tracker 2

Well, as always it's worth the time booting windows 6 times just to get one video recorded as it always fails to NOT corrupt the data written to the flash drive 3 out of 4 and takes about 20 minutes before i can actually do something ... i wonder if i can sue microsoft for making me smoke more fags in the garden (uk english might lead pc principal to throw a fit here ...)

Since it's FT2 and i have a few of the original .xm's left, i bothered to record an actual video of the tracker playing my composition :)

as i already typed more than the post is worth i'm just gonna repeat what i said on youtube :

Well ... since microshyte costs me 3 hours just to boot seven times to record one vid i decided to do it in between this night for tomorrow ...
Which ofcourse, costs me time not coding on the games

sh0 - starry night sky and the cats, by sh0 (= alleycat = me), early 1990s something, Fast Tracker 2 (probably shows)

When i say sam-pl-ism ... you know i dont mind much, i like the inspector columbo routine, but i get really yanked when people start explaining shit to me simply because i'm not using the current in-crowd words ... i was burning gpu's on BTC when some of them were playing lego's and THIS, dearie, as the dark one would say, this is called composing ...
When i say note by note and no loops that's what it means, you want delay or reverb, you need the opcodes in that little sidebar '000' to simulate it by using multiple tracks on different settings, you get volume there, you get offset, you get tempo, so all the tremolo, all the echo, all the verb , the tempo changes, it's all entered manually, one opcode at a time, THAT is fast tracker 2 ... like beathoven for digitalis (which probably means i'm bla and all but i really quit minding what someone else THINKS im saying ...)

For the non-believers, i tried to mouse over the bits where the codes are that do that tremolo thing, the sliding for instance (bending as you get on a hardware synth) the tempo changes SHOW because the tracks suddenly speed up or slow down ...

that was the very start ...(not this particular tune but FT2 was like , i dont know, to music to me what steemchain did to programming again after years ... i hope to work some pieces i can backpat myself on because the music just wont come no more, someone stole my brain, my vibe, and half my soul at least ... but it looks like i still got more than most there ...)

i got a milkdrop too of the same as there's a small glitch somewhere, i guess win-dos (faildos?)10 doesnt really vibe with dosbox and ft2 anymore

sooooo... (dont look at it until tomorrows steemit post and dont forget to UPVOTE CREATIVE CONTENT ...)

wankers ....
grin ...? GRIN ? mmh ... meh

i am NOT boasting, i am explaining, dearie, i dont NEED explaining, if i need to know something i will either look it up or ask, i am NOT socially awkward, i am NOT shy, i am NOT afraid to ask ...

i just don't compute when profiled by datasets acquired from parsing normies

i don't bother with dtube anymore, its all nice talking about "de-centralized", "blockchain", "crypto" and what not but if your shit wont work then it's shyte , like total shit shit ...

i EVEN SAW once they downvoted videos themselves ... like orley ? do you see youble doing that ?

so well, bem ...

that's all opcodes, if i were ChopinCat i would write those on a paper with a pen. But it was sh0, samplist, and way not chopin ...

EVERY bit of tremolo, all tempo changes, all echo, delay and verb require putting same samples on different channels with the few opcodes available : volume, panning, tempo, you can 'slide' the notes without re-triggering them too if i remember correctly, it's somewhere in there so ...

for the non-believers ... HANDCRAFTED MUSIC

Upvote creative content, don't believe the hype, screw dopamine jackpot posts ... don't let the whale bully you


or be just another fish in the pond ...

it's a choice i guess, if you prefer grovelling for cookies i will NOT look down on you ... as long as you don't tell me what to do and how to do it :)

gud content for yow ass, plz upvote to $1000 k thx plz x0x

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These are excellent vibrations. I like them a lot. It makes me swing and remember, as always when I listen to electronic music. As a child of the 90s I think it's quite understandable. If only I hadn't dressed and styled myself so unfavourably back then. LOL!

Thank you for this morning concert.

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yea , i thought so too, but i think you're only allowed to say that for yourself if you're a spotlight person with billions to boot