Who And Why Changed Music's Tuning Frequency From 432 To 440 Hz

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La is the musical tone, used to tune a musical instrument, at least that is the case in the Westen world of music. There is a simple tool called a Tuning fork, that gives the exact tone of La. The chemical compounds and the way it is being made will always generate a vibration of 440 cycles per second or Hertz.


A musician would strike​ the tuning fork and tune the string of his/hers instrument that represents La. From there it's possible to tune all the other notes.

In Nazi Germany, the Minister Of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels ordered in 1939 to replace all tuning forks to 440Hz. Before that period instruments were tuned 8 Hz lower to 432Hz.

When you compare the same composition in 432Hz and 440Hz there's definitely a difference. There are many theories why we still listen to music at 440Hz, some even claim that 432 is in harmony with the vibration Universe and now we are blocked from this "channel". Personally, I don't agree with the conspiracy theories, partly because I work with music and audio for a living and it contradicts my understanding of sound and how I utilize it.
To me, 440Hz and 432Hz are different flavors of the same thing. Some people prefer to tune their instruments to 432hz others to 440Hz. It's more like a personal preference.

Nevertheless, let's check out some of the theories out there.

  • The tone La at 432Hz was intentionally hidden from the world because it's a balance point in nature. 432Hz is a vibration having roots in The Golden Ratio and combines the properties of light, time, space, matter and gravity into biology, DNA and consciousness.

A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature. - Brian T Collins

  • Earth's frequency is 8hz. When the brain is relaxed, its alpha waves are also 8Hz. When we listen to music at 440Hz, the root tone is changed from 8Hz to 8.25 Hz, meaning the harmonics are not in tune with The Universe. (Remember that the next time you listen to Dubstep.)
  • Humans vibrate from 16 to 32 Hz, the same as C0 to C1 on a musical scale. 440 Hz is not in tune with the human's vibration because the root tone is 16.5 Hz.
  • It's claimed that listening to 440 Hz will make you tired and apathetic​.

Whether all of this is true or just some parts, I'll leave it for you to decide.

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I listen to some of the theories about 432 vs 440, but I too am a musician and have even messed with a lot of microtonic stuff that leaves the 12 tone scale so the theories don't tend to make a lot of sense to me.

Though I believe is possible Goebbels could have believe such a thing and that may indeed have been his motivation.

Interesting... my wife has recently been studying a lot about frequencies and relaxation... and especially for healing and meditation. Passing this along to her...


Search Wholetones for healing frequency music. Michael S Tyrrell.

Very thoughtful article, however I must disagree. Historically, the A has been all over the place. Generally it has been at whatever pitch the local organ happened to be built and settled in. In some music (Bach for example), it was common to have different tuning porches for different instruments!

Music in 440 HZ is such a manipulation mess :-)

So 430 hz is better for our brain ?


I don't think so.

I made the image you used in 2009. 440 hz is the BEST compromise humanity has to capture BOTH the mathematical and geometric "harmonic" tuning that simultaneously approximates the ratios of the harmonic series. It's taken 2000 years of steady learning and musical evolution to figure out 440 hz.


Equal Temperament & Heliocentric Worldview Skywalkers

Nazis were also the ones that started to use fluoride in the water, because they knew it would make people apathic. A small coincidence?? Maybe.

My experience with playing 432hz tunned guitar was that I seemed to be alot more creative when improvising. Coincidence also, maybe I was just having an inspiration moment. But you can't escape the 440hz if you want to learn an instrument. And it is boring to change tunning all the time.

Music at 440 Hz sounds like a bad habit.

Very nice article. you should check out dr. len horowitz. there is an 1 hour interview with him on youtube called "The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz". It´s very interesting.

But, when i make music and it feels good to me, i don´t really care if its 440hz or 432hz. It´s also really time consuming to tune every instrument in 432hz. and then tune it back to 440hz when you jam with someone else.

This is so wrong I cringe... No before it was not at all 432Hz but all over the place. A good source is Roel Hollander.


Exactly, the A for tuning has historically just been whatever the local organ happened to be. Sometimes (in Bach), it would be common to have multiple things at the same time.