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              Music can make a bad day better, because I feel music influences our attitude. Your attitude towards life shapes your day. Music can give you hope, motivation and a lot more. It is also a time machine, where it takes you down the memory lane. Music can have a great impact on your life and science has proved it. Here are some benefits that you can get from listening to a relaxing playlist or your favorite songs.

Music is the strongest form of magic - Marilyn Manson


                  You must have heard that the brain gives out some hormones and chemicals. The neurotransmitter dopamine is secreted by the brain when you perform an activity that you like or when you do something that relaxes you. Whats a neurotransmitter? It is also called as a chemical messenger which sends messages from one brain nerve end to the other. Now, every chemical secreted by the brain is responsible for something. Dopamine is responsible for happiness. Listening music gives you an emotional boost that increases secretion of dopamine. After a tiring day, plug in your headphones and lazily lounge on your bed or in the living room. You will definitely feel a lot better.


                   Many people in the world suffer from insomnia. People cant keep their smartphones away from them. They stay awake all night, watching videos, texting, and playing games. Bad sleeping patterns can hurt you in many ways, it affects your skin, makes your eyes sore and strained. Sleep is where your body recovers, it heals itself. As we know music can elevate dopamine levels, it makes you feel stress free. It relaxes you, it soothes you, it heals you and puts you in some good sleep.

 source: MediMiss.net


                  Motivational music will always push you forward to burn those calories, lift that heavy barbell or do any other exercise of your choice. The type of music you listen also is important. You'll have to listen to energetic, inspiring, motivational music. There was an actual study conducted where some runners were made to listen to motivational songs and some were made to listen silent, calm music. The first group, the one which listened to motivational music outperformed the second group in a 800 meter run. Listening to inspirational songs, audio podcasts and watching inspiring videos can temporarily elevate testosterone levels in men.


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