Sunday's Top SoundCloud Gems...

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So I been back digging in SoundCloud again for some fresh sonic inspiration...

And the DJ in me must still be alive in there somewhere, as finding some gems has evoked that desire to share them.

And since I'm getting active on Steemit once again, why not do so here.

Thus, here are a handful of the day's top picks, for the listening pleasure of whomever may be drawn to indulge in a round of hot new ear candy.

Grab your best set of cans or throw 'em on the stereo, and enjoy!


I really like all the music that you share, thank you for the good notes

I really like all
The music that you share, thank
You for the good notes

                 - moersal

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hadn't heard of any of those before but you did get a few tunes in there. The adele cover was very decent.