My Swedish Songs

in #music4 months ago

So yesterday, @foxon made this post:

It's about the music that he'd been listening to. Not gonna talk more about it, for that you gotta go to the source itself and read from the legend himself. But I made this comment:

Somehow I've stumbled upon Swedish and other Scandinavian music and have been listening to that recently. Not even kidding, listening to some weird Swedish song as I type this.

To which he replied:

You gonna write up a post to let us know what you've found?

And you know what? I will share it. This shelter in place order which has been extended to all of April has given me a lot of time to write dumb stuff on hive, so here's another shittyish post that you can read.

Here's a screenshot of what I've been listening to:

Screen Shot 20200401 at 11.19.37 AM.png

And here's a link to the playlist on spotify so you can listen to it too:

No, I don't know how the playlist turned to having swedish songs. I started out by adding GHOST to it after listening to some Avicii, but they popped up and I liked it so I added it.

So @foxon, are you happy? You got what you wanted? I made a post about my music.

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