Michael Jackson is The Greatest Rapper of All Time - 10 Year Death Anniversary 2019

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Michael Jackson is The Greatest Rapper of All Time - Period. Yes, I said Rapper.

Deal with it.

Reflections on the 10 Year Anniversary of his Death.

Michael Jackson 10 years later... What is his legacy? Most people think of Thriller and Billie Jean, but Michael's later work is more significant in terms of its message and his maturation. On Michael Jackson 10 year death anniversary 2019 I'm going to make the unconventional case that Michael Jackson is the greatest rapper of all time. Michael Jackson rapping - He rapped. (Period.) Michael Jackson had a studio album track with biggie (The notorious BIG) on his album. Michael Jackson had Shaq on his album. Michael Jackson did studio tracks with wyclef Jean and the fugees. Michael Jackson beatboxed. Michael Jackson was way more woke than your favorite woke rapper.

Michael's later albums like dangerous, history, blood on the dance floor, and invincible contain songs that make many people feel uncomfortable. Very few people know the words to these songs and many people you will meet have never heard these songs. Do NOT Sleep on these albums.

Go listen to: Jam, why you wanna trip on me, they Don't Care about us, tabloid junkie, this time around, morphine... Etc... And tell me Michael Doesn't Rap. Please. Next.

Easily in the music industry, Michael Jackson the greatest performer of all time. Possibly, Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer of all time. In my eyes, Michael Jackson is the greatest rapper of all time. It wasn't an easy decision to call it like this. Any way you choose to see it, Michael Jackson is the greatest of all time.

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