Punjabi Metal!

in #music5 years ago

Something I haven't shared on Steemit is my love of all things dance. I have been a student of ballet, jazz, Odissi, and several styles of fusion belly dance. I may share more about current dance projects at another time.

One of the wonderful benefits of dance is exposure to all kinds of music. Fellow dancers, pros that I follow, we all share new, interesting music. One of my troupe mates is crazy about Bollywood numbers. She shared this video below recently and I laughed and tapped my foot through it. What's not to love - Metal with an Indian twist. The music is so fun, the video is silly - where did they get that cracker-looking dude in the ball cap and tank top?! It's too fast for a performance dance number, but great for cutting loose at a party or home. What do you think?


I don't love Bollywood and Indian cinema, but I liked the music, good rhythm)

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