2 Apps for people who would like to write music

in #music4 years ago

Not the best title for a post, but I wanted to share to the Steemit community these two apps that I've found and they look really interesting... from my point of view.
As a musician, I always wondered if you could write music using (programming) code and not need advanced programming skills... It seems that a dev team made a project with that in mind, it's called Sonic Pi.
It's an open source project under MIT license, if your curious check the link below:

And for gamers (or enthusiasts) who would like to write MIDI tracks (heh, the old 8-bit and 16-bit era...) with Online Sequencer:


These are cool, thanks.

I'm glad! I'll be posting if I find other apps (at the moment I don't have so much time to prepare a post :|).