Sorry by Justin Bieber

in music •  2 years ago

@roelandp transferred 10.000 STEEM to add Sorry by Justin Bieber to Radio Steem's playlist.

Add your own track to Radio Steem:

  1. Transfer minimum 0.33 SBD or 0.33 STEEM to @radiosteem
  2. Use the following MEMO format for the MEMO field: artistname trackname
  3. Tune in! and wait a bit, we process the track transfers every 6 minutes (*/6 * * * *)


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Hi @radiosteem, good post. I'm a new Steemian who only just joined the platform. I would love it if you would have a quick look at my blog and click follow if my content resonates with you. Thanks!

Hello, I'm new to the community and I found your profile on steemit. I read about the operation of the radio in which they ask for a certain amount of steem currency so that steem artists can be promoted on their platform. But I also see other consecrated artists being promoted here. Leonard Cohen, Justin Bieber and others have paid? ... XP I think the dissemination of steem artists should be priority and give them more facilities for the diffusion of his work. :)

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