Shigeto - Downtempo with an Experimental Touch (music and more inside)

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Just yet I opened my Spotify and going through my list of saved Albums, I found this one from Shigeto "No Better Time Than Now". To be honest, I have no idea who the producer is, and have no idea what the album was about. I actually have no idea how this one came into my saved folder! Did I get a trigger from somewhere and thoughtlessly saved it? Was it a friend? Meant for me?

Whatever the reason, I started listening to it and not even half way, it is already clear to me; It shall join the rest of the music on my Steemit Music Channel. It qualifies for sure for "Quality Music"! (at least in my honest opinion). Quite experimental, but that is a genre I like.

  • Artist: Shigeto
  • Album: No Better Time Than Now
  • Style: Abstract, Experimental, Downtempo
  • Year: 2013

I think it is NOT too Experimental and Abstract, so even if you generally shy away from such music, try this one!

Let me know your thoughts.

Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now (2013)


Spotify: click here
YouTube: click here
Soundcloud: click here


Discogs: click here


Resident Advisor: click here


Artist Website: click here

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You serve the most tasteful selections of sounds !!!!

I try my best :)

Hi good post nice to me you i am @djnoel ;)

Thanks, I kinda like the music you post, but I will only support you when you stop spamming the system. You copy posts and see same music in up to 4 posts.