Pinguin Electronics?

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In my search for interesting artists, I hear a lot of music, mostly nothing that trills me, but from time to time something really stands out! Those moments I really like! It feels great when hearing something that makes an impact.

Dasha Rush had that effect on me! NOOOO, not because she is a beautiful woman, but honestly, all to do with what my eardrums were transmitting into my head when listening to hear live recordings. Her style is not just this or that, she 'does' techno, electro and also ambient and experimental.

I really love what she writes on her Soundcloud profile; The country she is from "Antarctica". Are we dealing with Pinguin techno? I can already see this cute little creatures raving away on the large ice plats at our south pole! Flapping with their 'wings' and feet; Wobbling away! Would be very funny to see in real life! :)

...Pinguin techno...

Until just a moment ago I was deciding between two live recordings to share with this post: one techno techno one recorded at an Awakenings party in Amsterdam just about a year ago when playing at the Electric Deluxe night under the wings of Speedy J (one hell of a producer and live performer) or the one that I finally selected just before writing this sentence: her DJ set at Dekmantel festival in São Paulo sometime (their) autumn this year. This recording is still techno in style, but deeper, less rough, gentil, atmospheric. I style I real like!

In two days she'll play in the number one club of Amsterdam, De School, located kinda around the corner of where I live. But, I don't think I'm going to make it, unfortunately. Ah well, there are always her Soundcloud recordings! :)

I certainly hope you enjoy this one!

Artist: Dasha Rush
Set: Dekmantel Festival São Paulo 2017
Year: 2017
Country: Russia







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What do you think about Erik Penny?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Totally different to what I generally listen to. Not really my style.

Post yang sangat bagus

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

? guess something ok, or at least I hope so

this really isn't my ''cup of tea'' but it does sound great

LOL, that sounds like a contradiction in terminus

Wow... your informatitos its so complete <3 great post! see yaaa

Thank you soo much. This is the minimum kind of information I feel I add enough value to some music I don't own to publish on Steemit :)