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Just recently I was introduced to this guy called Eric Cloutier, a techno and house artists originally from the USA. By now he moved to Berlin and a friend who I respect a lot for her choice of electronic music started telling about him and let me hear some of his work and live recordings.

I must say, again her choice and advices did not disappoint me at all! And that is an understatement as you may have figured already, otherwise I would not have written this post :)

Dark, as I prefer it. Dynamic, as it should be. Techno and House at the same time. Depending on his gig, he moves to a bit more techno or a bit more house. From what I've heard until now, both directions are just great!

Back in the States, he was one of the residents in the Bunker, the place to be - well, the party to be since they move locations - for quality music in New York City. Eric is yet another export product from the States on the music front. And yet another State artist citizen who decided to move to Europe.

Although electronic dance music hit it of in the States, Europe is still the place to be for quality electronic music. I always wondered why a society of more than 350M citizens had and still have such a hard time embarrassing this type of music with Detroit being the place of birth for Techno, and Chicago begin the place of birth for House. I feel so fortunate the world is so much different in my own little country - The Netherlands - and I'm so close to Berlin in Germany. I have so many good clubs and parties around, I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the good ones, even when I would choose to go out three nights per week with two parties per night.

Did you know of Eric Cloutier? When not, hit the play button below and let yourself be surprised. When yes, I guess you gonna hit the play button for sure! :)

Artist: Eric Cloutier
Set: Technoon
Year: 2017
Country: Belgium







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