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Last weekend was a memorable one! Photon session (Ben Klock's night) at the best ever club in the whole wide world, Berghain in Berlin! The lineup was massive, with Sterac (aka Steve Rachmad) on Sunday early morning, Etapp Kyle in late afternoon, followed by DVS1, and Ben Klock himself playing till late morning on Monday.

When DVS1 took over the wheels from Etapp Kyle, I had to skip the club though, after being inside for 16 hours. A shame, since I wanted to hear Ben, but I was completely done for the weekend. The good thing is at the same time the bad thing at Berghain. All DJ's play 4 hours sets, which is fantastic since it is a length you can really get a good portion of each artists. The bad thing is that it takes ages when a DJ is not that good, as well as the long wait until the next favourite. On top of that a Berghain session starts at midnight on Saturday on Sunday and only ends Monday morning, officially. When enough die hards are in the club, and enough DJs who want to spin the wheels are around, a Berghain session can also last till later, with records till Tuesday morning. But that said, I never made it longer than 24 hours in this club :)

Since I missed Ben last weekend, that doesn't mean I didn't hear any of his music. When back home at our Berlin friends place we decided to listen to one of Ben's recorded sets of an earlier Berghain session. That one turned out to be quite good, and I like to share this with you here.

Artist: Ben Klock
Set: Berghain
Year: 10 August 2013
Country: Berlin

I hope you NJOY this one as much as I do






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yess ..really quality type of music..thanks

Thank you &

Ben was the highlight when the Ostgut DJs came to Manchester. Although Nick Höppner playing in a record shop beforehand was awesome.

Nick I have to check out, Never heard him play or some of his productions!

I feel I prefer him more as a DJ than a producer. His first Ostgut album was decent though. Good Boiler Room set from him somewhere too.

My sort of vibe, chuggy and sweaty...