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In late 80s I discovered this Berlin based group Tangerine Dream; I got their album "The Best of Tangerine Dream" by chance in my CD player. I listened to it so much, when it would be a vinyl, it would have been unplayable by now.

Less frequent, but for sure with the same pleasure, I listen to maybe their most difficult ambient work, the album "Zeit". This album produced in 1972, was their third album. For sure not a straight forward piece of music. However, I find this album really nice to listen to when I like to refresh my mind, doing nothing other then sitting - well mostly lying down - on the couch or in bed.

Somewhere on the internet I read how John Peel (a UK DJ, radio presenter, music publisher and journalist) apparently listens to "Zeit"; pretty similar to how I approach it :)

Maybe the best way to listen to this music is the way DJ John Peel approached it. After listening to fifteen to twenty new albums he and his wife sat down and listened to "Zeit" before they went to bed. It cleared all the muck out of his head.

I would love to learn from you

  1. Do you know Tangerine Dream and their work?
  2. What you think of "Zeit"

Artist: Tangerine Dream
Album: Zeit
Year: 1972
Country: Germany



First Movement
Birth Of Liquid Plejades
Second Movement
Nebulous Dawn
Third Movement
Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities
Fourth Movement






Resident Advisor



sources [1]
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Oh yes, this one is massive. "Force Majeure" is another great album they made

Sure is!

I know of them especially nowadays since I believe Ulrich Schnauss has joined the lineup!

That is what I understood as well, some years ago indeed. Ulrich I also like really much.

Tangerine Dream is really interesting. Their work gets really experimental at times. I love their film compositions during the 1980's.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the feedback. Yep, their music indeed can become quite experimental, as this album for sure is. But then again, you can also call it space ambient or something like that :) Somehow this album always reminds me of the movie 2001: space odyssey.

There is official name of their sound – "Berlin school". You can find very good description of T.D. at discogsthough. And also check very strict berlin-sound band Free System Projekt — it's geniune rapture. I use their tunes in my mixes heavily :)

Oww cool didn't know of Free System Projekt, will check them out.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Phaedra is my favorite Tangerine Dream album! but of course Zeit, Rubycon, and Alpha Centauri are way up there. Force Majeure is also in my collection, is good, but the earlier ones work best aesthetically for me...

Cool, you know their work pretty well. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for the post, many fond memories!

Love it! thanks for sharing!

You're Welcome.

Thank you for sharing! Didn’t know this band, its a pretty good trip !!
I’ve just made a post recommending some new music, maybe you want to check it out! Take care!

You're Welcome.

very cool!

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