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It is 1983 and this track "Relax" hit the charts... the band "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" gained immediate traction! They subsequently released "Two Tribes" and "The Power of Love". All topping the charts for many weeks! Their album "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" became a hit as well, toping the charts in 1984.

I still remember it like yesterday, although it is already more than 3 decades ago. I simply fell in love with Frankie's music! After not hearing them for a really long time, one of my producer friends surprised me big time. He made a remix of Frankie's debut single and played it for the first time on the after hours at Fusion festival in 2016. I was blow away! Frankie meets underground Techno! How cool! Unfortunately I cannot share this track with you, it was never released :(

In my tape collection I should have another 12-15 minutes extended remix of the very same track. Some Dutch guy made this back in the days and was aired on a special radio station in the Netherlands. Again, I'm really sorry I cannot share that one with you either :(

But what I can share with you is their debut album with the original version of "Relax" as well as their other really cool tracks. Hope this will bring back very positive memories for you, as it did with me two years ago when hearing the Techno style remix of Relax.

Artist: Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Album: Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Year: 1984
Country: UK



F - Pray Frankie Pray
The World Is My Oyster
Snatch Of Fury (Stay)
Welcome To The Pleasure Dome

G - Say Frankie Say
Relax (Come Fighting)
War (...And Hide)
Two Tribes (For The Victims Of Ravishment)

T - Stay Frankie Stay
Ferry (Go)
Born To Run
San Jose (The Way)
Wish (The Lads Were Here)
Including The Ballad Of 32

H - Play Frankie Play
Krisco Kisses
Black Night White Light
The Only Star In Heaven
The Power Of Love





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Relax, Two Tribes, Power of Love, so great music :-)

Absolutely! :)