Nina Kraviz - Simply ASTONISHING (music and more inside)

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The live performance recording I share with you today can be summarised in three simple but meaningful and powerful words

Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful

Beautiful: Nina has a excellent feel for creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere with her musical performances that takes the crowd to next levels of pleasure. She is for sure in the top of my pyramid of techno artist!

Beautiful: Well, just look at her! This young woman from Moscow is maybe the most prettiest female DJ in the techno scene.

Beautiful: The recording I share below, is of one of Nina's performances at an indoor Awakenings events. Awakenings, the Dutch Techno brand started in mid to late 90s and grown to an absolute top world brand. Everybody who knows a little bit of the techno scene, will know this brand. While The Netherlands is known for creating Hardcore when it concerns the music genre, our little country is also known for the many big electronic dance music brands it created and exported: ID&T (Innercity, Sensation, Tomorrowland/world), Awakenings and Q-Dance to name a few.

  • Artist: Nina Kraviz
  • Set: Awakenings New Year 2014
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 2014

When you are a Techno fan, you shall for sure listen to this recording!

When you are not a Techno fan, still try this one. You may be amazed!

Nina Kraviz - Awakenings New Year (2014)

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I love her and the music she plays. I live in Berlin so I have seeing her sometime playing here... A full trip!

Berlin is a great place for Techno. I love Berghain!

Berghain was my church for 6 years... almost every sunday :D I love it and Panobar too ;)

WOW, 6 yrs in a row! I'm from NL and come to Berlin and Berghain a couple of times a year only. But what happened? Never anymore, or now sometimes?

I live 10 mins in bike from there :D ... I think I got tired a bit and need to take a break... and also the people who go there are changing a lot (well not in Berghain but in Pano)... I live in Berlin since 10 years and start to go there 6 months after I arrived.. last time was last year in November, from sunday til Monday 11 am :D Len Faki was closing Berghain OMFG!!!! :D

WOW indeed, I know these marathon sessions! Next session for me is November, I think, need to check, booked flights earlier this year; I think this gonna be a Klockworks one.

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