Joel Mull - Swedish Finest Techno Producer and DJ - an Excellent Berghain Artist (music and more inside)

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Joel Mull is one of the first generation techno artists and producers from Sweden. He is also the one from Sweden I follow almost from day one, starting sometime mid 90s of last century. I really love his exceptional enthusiasm and his dedication for the music.

He always brings this extra special sauce into his techno sound. In times techno was in the underground, raw and industrial, he made techno sound somewhat less raw by including strings and ambient sounds at the background. When techno went from click-house to the 'new' minimal, he managed to transform this new minimal into something I call minimal-with-balls! This new minimal could be quite boring when on the dance floor, and Joel always managed to not let that happen, but get many hands in the air, many times during his sets, whilst not using the standard DJ tricks.

In EDM one of these tricks is called "the drop" and many artist in not only EDM genre uses this: turn down the bass for 10 to 30 seconds and bring it back in, BAM, floor of people suddenly raising their hands in the air for about 10 to 30 seconds - and with a bit of luck they also shout and scream - and repeat this with each track. A very effective trick, but way to simple! Anybody can do this; You don't have to be a good artist and DJ for that.

The challenge is to get the people ecstatic without these cheap tricks! And Joel is a master! No tricks he requires! Just selecting the rights tracks and creating great mixes. And excellent DJ, and an excellent producer with a real feel for what beautiful and quality music is. The set I selected for you today is one of his more festival type of sets, but he is also a very respectable Berghain DJ and as a matter of fact he plays there regularly.

  • Artist: Joel Mull
  • Set: Bassiani invites Joel Mull / Podcast #10
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 2016

I really urge you to listen to this set and more of his work through the links I provided further below.

Joel Mull - Bassiani invites Joel Mull / Podcast #10 (2016)

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Cool - not heard this guy before - really great minimal!

He is a veteran :) started early 1992 with releases from 1994 or 95

Good post my friend i am @djnoel :)