Harry Gregson-Williams - Created this Interesting Musical Composition

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The first half of the week after the weekend is for the dance festival and music lovers usually a day to listen to something else; Therefore no electronic dance music today from my side. Since I like the genre of movie soundtracks a lot - for several decades already - and lately I'm taking time to watch movies again, I selected for you a soundtrack of a movie that I really liked; a soundtrack that I can certainly give a good rating. Not only the music is written for the movie (ie no use of existing music), but also the dynamics of the movie (a SyFy movie with suspense, adventure and humour elements) resulted in a really nice and dynamic musical composition.

The soundtrack is from the movie - as you may already have figured out from the somewhat cryptic title of this post, the post image or simply from the information below - "The Martian". To those who did not see this movie yet, I can certainly recommend it! Even to those who are not into SyFy movies, this movie is recommended! The movie is - other than normal in the SyFy movie genre - very realistic with regards to the SyFy elements. All (well, most) technologies used in the story are not far fetched, theoretical ideas, but technologies we either have today or we are close to the moment of realisation and implementation.

  • Artist: Harry Gregson-Williams
  • Album: The Marian (soundtrack)
  • Style: Soundtrack, Orchestra
  • Year: 2015

I certainly hope you like this soundtrack! Looking forward to your comments.

Harry Gregson-Williams - The Marian - Soundtrack (2015) - play full album here

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