Etienne Jaumet - a Great Multi Instrument Master

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Red Bull Music Academy is for me an inspirational source for discovering new music, or at least artists that I never heard of before, and their music of course :) Although we may not like the drink they serve to much; Their music department knows what quality music is! Red Bull is very active in the electronic music industry, and present with stages or RBMA parties at venues at and around many musical events like Sonar in Barcelona, ADE in Amsterdam, and many others throughout the world. I generally like their line ups really much. They give not only room for the more known international artists, but also to the local artists and the upcoming talents; They bring new sounds to the public; They do not shy away for the sounds now less by the mass; They very much have a focus on quality!

Through Red Bull Music Academy works, I discovered this multi-instrumental artist Etienne Jaumet. He is not only working with electronic drum machines, many synths, modular and so fort, but also playing analogue instruments like the saxophone and uses his own voice as an additional instrument.

I share two of his performances today, since both are very interesting but different in style and approach. The first one is a recording at a Red Bull Music Academy event and has a somewhat alternative electro dance music vibe. The second recording is a performance with a band, including live drums and other analogue instruments giving it a very interesting crossover music genre atmosphere and at times reminds me of movie soundtrack music.

  • Artist: Etienne Jaumet
  • Set: Various
  • Style: Electro, Alternative, Experimental
  • Year: 2016

When you are in to discover new music, I can recommend to listen - at least part of - the recordings below.

Etienne Jaumet - RBMA (2016)

Etienne Jaumet - The Peacock Society (2016)

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love it..upvoted and followed you

Thanks :)

you're welcome

Red Bull Academy is so cool, they get lots of interesting musicians in there. I'll have to check this one out when I have some more spare time.

Plug in your headphones and listen while working? :)

great music.

Thanks so much!

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