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My new and first solo album Reflections just released on Spotify, Beatport, iTunes and more.
Including 3 bonus tracks featuring Bonnie Legion and Tim van Doorn.
This album has been in the making for a couple of years but it got delayed because of lack of inspiration and a heavy car accident.
I have been recorvering and in and out of hospitals for the past 10 months and still working on my recovery.
Nonetheless i have gained more inspiration thanks to it!
This album includes 17 tracks i've made over the years and these tracks all have a personal meaning to me.
Most of these tracks are some highlights of my life thusfar.
If i've learned one thing this past month it's that if you really want something you'll have to go for it.
Each day can be your last.


This album is the first of many more to come.
You can go ahead and grab your copy now, or you can stream my music on youtube or spotify.
I want to thank Bonnie and Tim for contributing on this album! I couldn't think of anyone better to join me on this journey!


This album contains 17 original edm tracks of all sorts.

  1. Qrittix - Bonfire
  2. Qrittix - Bounce
  3. Qrittix - Broken Glass
  4. Qrittix - C'mon
  5. Qrittix - Enough is enough
  6. Qrittix - Feeling lucky
  7. Qrittix - Found you
  8. Qrittix - Glitch
  9. Qrittix - Good life
  10. Qrittix - Got it
  11. Qrittix - I will fuck you up
  12. Qrittix - Lovely days
  13. Qrittix - On my mind
  14. Qrittix - Playing games
  15. Qrittix - Airplanes (feat. Bonnie Legion)
  16. Qrittix - Dreamworld (feat. Bonnie Legion)
  17. Qrittix - From me to you (feat. Tim van Doorn)

Show some suport and grab your copy today.
Stay safe and take care

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