DSound v0.2: Streaming, Sound Edit, Performance and Layout Improvements. Just one month and such Big News!

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Dear Steemian friends!

First of all thanks to all of you who joined this project and made it a big success on this 1st Alpha version! :)

I have to thank you all even more because things didn't always worked out great. We had a lot of problems related to the performance of the platform or other problems with IPFS sound uploads, but you were always there trying to upload your sounds and giving feedback so that I could take the right steps to solve the issues. Big Thank you guys!


Now let's take a pick of what is there to come on this release...

DSound version 0.2

This version is FAST! Probably the best news you all can get... :)

Unfortunately most of the problems with performance were due to IPNS (Inter-Planetary Name System) that allows publishing of web applications to IPFS using names instead of hashes. So I opted to publish to IPFS and to regular centralized web server as well, since the web server will be the most used, we will have significant better performance for normal use, but keep redundancy of publishing to IPFS and IPNS on the side as a backup access.

Version 0.2 web addresses

The various links to the same app, you probably want to use the first one as it is easier. The others are just backups, just in case... ;)

Now let's go ahead and check the new features and fixes...

Streaming instead of Preloading

This one was very important! Many of you guys published podcasts, djsets, recordings, mixtapes, etc. And the way DSound engine was developed it would preload the entire sound before starting the playback, so for big files with 1 up to 4 hours it was a nightmare to wait many minutes before the playback was started...

The behaviour of the first version was due to many restrictions in the way a web application can manipulate audio in the browser, and I had to write almost an entire new sound engine just for playback, maintaining the other for sound processing and analysis when uploading new sounds...

But what is important is that you wont have to wait like that anymore!!! :)

Try it yourself and let me know in the comments your feedback...

Sound edit page

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 22.26.35.png

Now you can edit your sounds! :)

You can change the cover, the sound file, add more things to the description, change tags or genre, modify download or buy links, etc... Of course, as any frontend to STEEM blockchain all of that can be done only during the initial 7 days, because after the sound payout time it will be sealed in archive forever.

But I think that this feature was really high on the list of needed tools for DSound Platform, so hope you all like it!

To find the edit button you need to open your sound page, by clicking on the sound title, and then you can see the edit button with a pencil where usually there is a repost one, only on sounds that belong to your user...

In the meantime, if you feel like listening to some deep house, you can check out my remix that was showing in the picture above in this link:


It's from last year, but I really like it... And yes, @kolatz is my music alter ego... :)

Display of sound value after payout

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 00.23.44.png

This fix was really my bad! I completely forgot that the pending payout eventually would stop being pending... ahahah :D

But now your sounds will show the payout that they deserved even after the payout time. Much better!

BTW, did you already listened to some of the tracks of @soundlegion? Great songs! Go ahead and listen to some here:


HTML and Markdown in sound description and comments

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 00.37.21.png

This one was not a very big deal, but it is nice to have. My major worry was security and had to make sure that only some html tags would pass and that markdown would be supported as well. From the security point of view it is taken care, so I decided to give it a try...

I know it is not perfect yet, there are some situations where the text makes the panel enlarge, pushing stuff off screen, but I'll fix those issues along the way as people will post more sounds with more html and markdown in their texts. :)

Sound duration displayed in the players

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 00.45.51.png

See those black pills right after the title of the sound? That's where you can read the duration of that particular sound. :)

This one I noticed the need. I always have limited time to listed to podcasts and other shows like @layl , @anarchast and others, so when I finally have some spare time, I need to know if that particular show fits gap on my schedule. And on DSound I couldn't... Not anymore! Now all of us can see if it is a 1 hour show or 5 minute song right in the feed...

Many other fixes and improvements

I don't want to bore you with these minor things...

Many places where the flow wasn't completely right. Limits of texts, tag sizes and count, internal things and so on...

All those minors that we step on when going for major developments and we fix right away.

IPFS uploads and publishing vs centralized web server

(this may be too techy... maybe it's time to jump to next topic?)

Yes, I opted out of the IPNS deployment of DSound application. I tried really hard to find solutions for that problem. I really like IPFS technology, but there are certain things that simply don't work yet!

IPNS and web publishing performance are not production ready yet.

I'll continue to publish both on IPNS and on my web server, being the web server the one behind the domain http://dsound.audio to make the application more responsive when loading to the browser. Also other libraries that I was loading from IPFS, now I have them static on the web server and load time went down significantly.

So, when the load times come more close between web server and IPFS/IPNS maybe we give it another try? ;)

In the meantime we keep IPFS for storage and have the web application published as a backup, if something goes wrong with the main domain.

Another big problem that we had lately was some downtime on IPFS uploads. Configuring IPFS nodes to be used by the public is a very difficult task indeed, so I have to thank @nannal from IPFS Store for his efforts in keeping everything up and running on his side!

But since the beginning that I envisioned DSound using local IPFS on each user machine. That would be fast like a rocket to upload, and most important of all, the user would have the power in his hand to decide which and for how long the storage of his files would make sense.

This will be my next major thing to solve... :)

What's next?

So, the next period I'll be concentrated in these major topics for DSound:

  • Local IPFS node helper application: so that all of us can have our own IPFS node easy to install and maintain

  • Sustainable business model for DSound: I want DSound to be free for everybody, but it has to generate enough capital to be maintainable like this. This model of rewarding is probably not the best approach, so I need to figure out a way to make it more profitable, without passing those costs to my users, which is kind of demanding, since I never looked at DSound from the business point of view... Maybe the SMT's from Steem team, that @ned presented few weeks ago are one of the ways? Open to your ideas in the comments below! :)

  • Possible integrations o DSound with other platforms: to achieve more markets and use cases and grow user base

  • Continue improvements and project roadmap

Final words

Thanks a lot to everyone that joined this project, uploaded sounds, listens to sounds on DSound and everyone that upvoted, resteemed and passed the word about DSound.

I strongly believe that this can be a game changer for indie musicians and producers. I want to make it a reality! :)

For all of you that already tried out, you'll verify that DSound is improving and so I would ask you all to talk about it to all your friends that may be interested in sound and music. I know that together we'll make this grow and give hundreds or thousands another way of monetizing their passion... While bringing more content creation to our beloved platform Steemit!

My special thanks to these great uploaders for sharing their sounds on DSound, please check them out:

  1. @soundlegion
  2. @webresultat
  3. @fivestargroup
  4. @maxjoy
  5. @maneki-neko
  6. @ashaman
  7. @dreamrafa
  8. @humanabstract
  9. @layl
  10. @goodbyematrix

And that's it for now. We'll keep on this journey trying to change the music world for the better... :)

"Music is what feelings sound like"
DSound <3 Music


Great stuff.

I have uploaded but I will upload more brand new music this afternoon! such a great tool to use on here

Thanks a lot! :) And please pass the word around! ;)

I see from where you dig inspiration. Great work, but here is a problem - people could download music from free for use sites and then upload to DSOUND. From sites where you can download music for free and use it where you want.

Thanks! :) I'm not sure if I could understand what is the problem...

Great job and thanks for hard work. I have listen to some musics by steemitians. Definitely, there are lots of scope of SMT (as mentioned by @birdinc) for DSound and DTube, other such services.

Thanks a lot! :) Thinking about it...

Awesome, when will DSound include a play counter?

I am working on a way to store statistics to implement that... Thanks for the idea! :)

Oh yes, that would be great!

Thanks for great work i really like this
Best of luck!follow me for more votes

Thank you! :)

Congratulations to the successful release D-Dound 0.2. Blockchain audio publishing will in all likelihood turn out to be a real game changer. Creators have the ability to real direct rewards for their efforts. Moreover, the platform let's artists establish a closer relationship to their fans.

Technology such as this can serve as a template for the publishing of various types of content, ex. e-books, audiobooks, comics, etc. It's a shame that the music industry could never seem to embrace very forward looking technologies and thereby capture the listening public's imagination. These days, the most meaningful innovation seem to perculate up from grass-roots initiatives like those found here on Steemit rather than through established industry players.

I wish the devs continued success and hope that D-Sound will have a very bright future.

Thanks a lot for your words! :)

Thanks so much, maybe i can finally upload, i have never been able too and have been pretty bummed about so this is awesome so glad to hear this... be well and steem on the dsound. @prc

Many thanks! :)

huge ups for this I am so glad I caught this post. First off I love the DSound and from the moment you announced the project I had good feelings about how this was looking and your specific energy about it, this was exactly what I thought the platform needed, like the soundcloud of steemit. I have really enjoyed getting to start uploading my catalog to the site and , I love that I can just upload a track, drop the cover and description and it catalogs the material and creates a steemit post for it... so spot on just what I want... I know there has been some starter glitches and such, I see this development and absolutely nod to this excellence my friend. I look forward to the progression of DSound and will continue to be using it.
I am excited to see the edit change this will be big for me as I have thought many times I wish I could go back in and edit that description.
Thanks a lot for what you are doing here on steemit and for the Artist community absolutley huge thanks for the shout out in the post and onward to awesomeness!
This is great stuff!

Thanks a lot! :) I'll keep on developing it and pushing forward...

Pretty cool :)

Thanks! :)

@prc Are you saying the business model of x% of author rewards to cover development/ maintenance cost is not sustainable? or are you seeing that as being a cost to user which you don't want them to have? I am of the view that musician/ artist/ creators are happy to part away with a share of the rewards given the current status of the industry where they are literally ripped off. #dsound is a valuable service in itself worth parting a share of liquid rewards for. Maybe others have a different view?

Thanks @jerrysakala for your view. I also share that view, but I am looking forward to other possibilities in the blockchain industry that may be better suited for the purpose of freeing musicians, producers and music artists in general from the total madness of the existing system, just by building a better one on the side! :) The idea of my note was exactly to bring more people to the discussion so that we can brainstorm about it...

Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for your great work and this major update!
Sounds are loading way faster now! GREAT!
Will have a deeper look into the news now.

Hope to have an embedded @dsound player be available within @steemit posts soon!

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Do you want to find out?

Thanks for the idea! It's already on my list... :) Btw, did you see my mention on my post? You were awarded the privilege of my mention as being one of the best uploaders on DSound! Congratulations! ;)

Thanks a lot for that!

Plz follow me im follow u

Thanks for the mention! I love the idea of this platform and am in the process of uploading my sets.

It would be nice to see an increase in control/flexibility when it comes to tagging submissions - I'm not a fan of the way genres are prefixed with 'dsound-'. There also seem to be some inconsistencies with formatting of text/markup between steemit.com and dtube...

What I'm really trying to ask is, does this project have a github or other more appropriate avenue for contributions?

Thanks a lot! :) The prefix is related to the way STEEM blockchain internally works and the available queries that are available. To enable browsing for tags, which I think is crucial for DSound I had to have a way to isolate only DSound posts, so that's why the prefix. But you're right, maybe there are some improvements to be made... ;) DSound is not opensource for now... It probably will in the future, but after it get's enough maturity to have a live of it's own...

DSound is not opensource for now... It probably will in the future, but after it get's enough maturity to have a live of it's own...

Fair enough. I was just offering to help.

Are you aware of RAM usage issues when processing audio? The browser process (I've tried both FF-Beta and Chromium) requires multiple gigs to process file that's <512MB. Doesn't seem to make a difference whether its flac, wav, or mp3.

Also, it would be nice if a remote IPFS node can be specified - it would be a lot more convenient to have my node running in a jail on my fileserver than locally.

Yes, RAM is like that because DSound has to be decentralised... So all the processing has to be done in the browser, meaning the decoding of the entire file and processing to extract the audio peaks required to generate the waveform... The longer the sound, the higher the RAM needed. :)

That makes perfect sense. I forgot about waveform generation when wondering what was so inefficient when it comes to RAM usage. Could this possibly be remedied with a browser extension (or CLI uploader or something)? With a user defined IPFS node, I could just use a VM with enough RAM defined for the upload to an IPFS node on my local network without having to jump through extra hoops to keep the data online after uploading.

Thanks for the ideas, noted down! :) This will have to be improved, so will put some thoughts on that soon...

Hi @prc. I'm very interesting with your post. Can I translate your post to my language Indonesia?

Sure, go ahead... Thank you too! :)

Thanks for the info! Upvoted your post but...

ahahah :D At least ur honest! ;) Thanks anyway!

I wonder..What if a banner ad is shown and the person who pays the highest amount get his/her ads shown on dsound and the sbd he/she paid gets burnsed. kinda like promote feature on steemit decreasing sbd supply and kinda increasing sbd value. Just food for thought :)

I would so love to start with uploading my content.
But sadly the local ipfs keeps showing offline..


Is there any easy "how to run / install" local ipfs ?

Or any other update ? How is it possible people can upload stuff ?
I'm really interested in learning this x

I am sorry for the delay, but I was a few days off due to a surgery... It doesn't matter if it says offline in the settings, that means that you don't have IPFS installed, but you should be able to upload anyway. Although, there are problems with the upload IPFS gateway. I already reported yesterday, but still no resolution from the IPFS guys... Thanks.

😳Hope the surgery went all well.

I figured out to install local ipfs now , not sure if everything works correct. As it still shows offline.
But still no luck to get something uploaded anyways.
Is there a recommendation about browser ? Any best solution ?

Hot hot content waiting here 😎🎶🙏😅

Installing IPFS locally right now is kind of tricky, and if it shows offline your installation probably didn't go well. I wouldn't recommend to install IPFS at this stage, as I'll create some app to make it easier soon. So maybe it is best to uninstall it right now... But even without IPFS installed locally, and showing offline, DSound is able to upload to a public gateway and rely on the IPFS network to keep your sound seeded for some time, so please try to upload and let me know how it goes, ok? Thanks! :)

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Amazing work. And an amazing update on improvements.
You rock!

Thanks man! :) I do my best...

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Great news, will be promoting dsound to the max here in London!

Thanks a lot! :) Please do, now it's the time as it is getting a lot more performant and stable... Let's make this community grow together! ;)

Awesome work @prc! Thank you for building this on the Steemit blockchain. Really looking forward to this taking off publicly. =)

Thanks a lot! :) Let's spread the word and help it grow...

I tell every music/sound producer I come across.

Great! :)

Thanks for the hard work on improvements. Dsound will get to where we want it in time. Keep at it!

Thanks! :) Looking forward to it...

nice work

please check my profile @tanvirsadatripon

will it be able to host podcast in the future? any plans on this feature?

It can already! :) The only piece missing is the automatic export of RSS feed for aggregators... That will come in soon. ;)

Look who's here! Thanks a lot Naq! :)
I went running to take a listen to your DJ sets and wanted to let you know that they don't appear in DSound... :(
I took a look at it and it seems that you published with DSound, but then went to edit them using Busy 2, am I correct? So it seems that Busy 2 is removing the metadata that DSound stored alongside the post, so rendering the post impossible to show in DSound. Will talk to the Busy 2 guys, but in the meanwhile can you please re-upload the DJ sets on DSound using the same title? That will fix the issue, but please do not edit them in Busy... ;)
Looking forward to listen to your sets man, big fan! :D

Thank you for the quick reply , I will follow all your advice ;)
I'll upload a set tonight , very happy you Fan , thanks lot .

this is awesome

thanks! :)

Many congratulation on huge success. This version is real nice. Though I would love to have local IPFS node helper. Looking forward to new version.
Best of luck for the future and thanks for this amazing DSound.

It will come! :) Thanks a lot!

I have tried the audio version its awesome. highly recommended.

Great work on this! So exciting! Is it going to be possible to purchase tracks with STEEM or SBD?

The sky is the limit... Right now I am designing a business strategy for this project. It has a life of it's own... :) Thanks!

Amazing work. I love this idea. Your effort to steemit is incredible. Well done

Thanks you a lot! :)

Great job friend.liked your post :)

hi is there a way to embed dsound into my website, i would like to release my album on this platform

Keep tuned for the next release... :) Maybe will have playlists and embedded players! ;)

thanks that would be really great

if u can help in integration of dsound into my website, i will happy to give a percentage of my earnings to ur work
currently i am on a wix platform www.atelierom.guru

Great Feature!!! But it takes a very long time to listen to anything ... is it just my internet connection or anybody else experiencing this? (as well got problems uploading things to dtube...)

Thanks a lot! It will become faster once we have more IPFS nodes... :) And it depends a lot: you may make a request now and it will be immediate, and right after do the same and it takes a lot of time. IPFS is still very young and has these minor issues to polish still! :)

cool, nice to know it´s not a problem with my files or internet provider :) will keep on posting, this is really great and a big advantage for artists!!!

As an artist myself that was my idea in the first place: create a place where all artists can share their work and get rewarded by it's quality! :) This is a game changer!

Yes it is indeed :) What art do you make? I would consider myself painter and electronic musician ;)

I am also musician, DJ and music producer :)

:) nice, maybe we can collaborate one day , would be fun :)

can anybody please tell me if you can listen to that track? Thanks!!! (i can´t load it, only happens to my own track, the others I can hear...really strange) https://dsound.audio/#/@art21/abolous-bassender-drum-and-bass

now it works :) ... but still takes a lot time to load on some tracks.......but GREAT PLATFORM :) :)

Wow what a very informative post you know your stuff! Have followed you thank you for sharing 😀

You have not responded to my private messages in 13 days.

I'm sorry @nickfost, it's not that I didn't reply, we were actually discussing your problem and I tested your files on my machine with success. You have a completely different architecture than mine, use Firefox instead of Chrome, etc... Like this is kind of difficult for me to be able to help. I am only one and I'm working on several projects along with DSound... :) I think I do a very good job at keeping communication up, but sometimes I can't push further due to lack of resources and time... I have your files, whenever I can install Firefox to try them out I'll let you know... Thanks anyway for trying DSound! :)

The only reason use firefox is because it WAS the only browser that worked. I tried chrome on mac as you asked me to and i always ended up with the same error as i get with chrome on windows

while 64bit Google chrome on a virgin windows 7 build with all the updates i reliably get a memory leak during the image creation process (which i've told you several times) as soon as the memory reaches 4gb the parent process kills the chrome child process then you get the aw snap!

I am sorry @nickfost, but we discussed all that in our private chat sessions... I don't have Windows, but I have hundreds of Windows users using DSound without any problems like the one you describe. As I told you several times, it has to be something related to your setups... Sorry, can't help you more.

You have not responded to my messages in 13 days

I'm sorry @nickfost, it's not that I didn't reply, we were actually discussing your problem and I tested your files on my machine with success. You have a completely different architecture than mine, use Firefox instead of Chrome, etc... Like this is kind of difficult for me to be able to help. I am only one and I'm working on several projects along with DSound... :) I think I do a very good job at keeping communication up, but sometimes I can't push further due to lack of resources and time... I have your files, whenever I can install Firefox to try them out I'll let you know... Thanks anyway for trying DSound! :)

As a music maker and a fan of a music innovation and freedom... thank you big time for creating this. Posted a song in honour of the achievement.


Also: any search field implementation coming soon?


Thanks a lot mate! :) What a great song! You made me laugh like crazy now!!! ahahahahah :D

Haha, Thanks man.
The songs seems to take a while to load or stalls...just so you know..
I've tried uploading mp3 vs wav, and no real difference.

There are problems with the IPFS gateways since yesterday... That should be the cause. Sorry... But now it is way faster, since the players are streaming directly from IPFS network! :) It should be a lot better when I finish the IPFS node app to help anyone to install a local IPFS node so that DSound can use it.

hmm, uploading never gets past this mark
Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.23.29 PM.png

Are you running IPFS locally?

since i dont know what that really means, no.

That's strange... IPFS should be better now. Can you please enter #dsound channel in http://steemit.chat and send the file there, or direct to me @prc, so that I can try it out? Thanks and sorry for this! :)

you want me to send you my sound file?

Actually I reported some problems to the guys that run the IPFS gateways and they solved them already... Can you retry, please? Thanks! :)

I am also currently unable to upload anything.

Yes, there are still problems with the IPFS gateways... :(
Please continue to retry after a while. It will eventually be fixed by the guys.

OK, i see - thanks. FYI, as of this moment I am unable to upload in icon image into Dsound.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.48.27 AM.png

Well, please send me the file in the chat, ok?

ok will do

The file size exceeds what is allowed in the chat... Do you want me to send you a soundcloud link to the track?

yes, you can send... but, there are problems with the upload IPFS gateway. I already reported yesterday, but still no resolution from the IPFS guys...

Great @prc :-) You are doing a great job.

There is possibility to embed individual tracks or playlists on third party websites?

A little as it happens for soundcloud and other applications.

Keep doing this, you're going to the big.

PS: It would be nice soon have a detailed analytical report of play on the tracks and watching time.

Thanks a lot! :) Both features are on my shortlist for next developments...

Thanks for your hard work on all this @prc ! As a soundcloud user since its early days I've seen how its morphed into a very commercial focused platform... a model which crushes the creativity and favours the meek.

I will be recommending this to all my music loving friends here in the UK. Lots of good new music here, all the time, and when it meets dsound I think things will progress very well.

Thanks a lot @martain! :) That would be awesome! I think it is time to start bringing more people to DSound to test it even better... ;)

HELP: i jaust started to sort out my first sounds i wanna post on dsound
but its unable to upload due to ifs offline ? do i really need to run ifs locally ? or is it just down at the moment ? please someone got an answer ?

On IPFS settings you see the state of local IPFS node... So it is fine to be offline if you don't have any local node running, which I presume it's your case. :) IPFS is a global network, if your online on the internet you are online with IPFS... But currently are some problems with the gateways... we hope it should stabilize soon. :)

thank you for your reply. ok that means i don't have to install it on my local system :) wich is great.. thanks.. im waiting and fingers crossed .. boom x

To to have a place here on Steemit for music makers. When Steemit evolves more, an embedded widgets would be awesome to have when posting blogs, or at least let the links to be opened in new tabs, maybe for Steemit sites like DSound exclusively? Widgets would be awesome as because I could write stories or descriptions related to certain music I published. Jimmy case, it's not only about music, it's also about telling the story of the music in writing, with use of images. This feature would make Steemit, as more engaging blog posting. Regards, @VoytekPavlik

Thanks for the mention my friend!... Nice to see the development is going forward, even if its just little steps, every step is important!...
I would love to see integration to other platforms, that would be HUGE, and would help us bring more people to the steem blockchain...
Also something i would like to see is the embed playback :)
Hope you continue doing this great project!

You deserved it! :) Embedded playback is also on my list, as well as integration which I wrote on the paper... Keep tuned and thanks a lot for riding along with DSound! ;)

Thanks to Post

There are so many interesting things to note. I read well.

Tell me about charges and minimum quantities of steem and sbd to convert in btc and fees also in blocktrades

thanks! :)

I checked out the link, and it's a really neat idea -- like a version of steem for artists, where we can upvote.

Is there a sharing system and a 24 hour limit, like in steem? Or can someone come in and upvote on your back catalogue if they want to, with the mutual benefits that Steem offers now to 24 hour voting?

Thanks a lot! :) The rewards and voting are exactly like Steemit, as both applications use the same STEEM blockchain as backbone for all the actions...

Hope to one day post my music here, just some bass loops I'm working on

Please do! Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

have been trying to upload music since the sites inception to no avail, could use some help

Sorry to hear that... The has been som issues lately with IPFS gateways. :/
Keep on trying, if it continues to fail, please join #dsound channel on https://steemit.chat and we'll try to investigate your problem there, ok? Thanks!

This is my very first time hearing of DSOUND. I'm gonna study on up

I will keep on uploading!!! Thank you for posting a pic of my track Burnt Reynolds! Follow me for more tunes! @lowpass303

# Dsound is amazing, @prc! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! :)

Hi, excellent work - love this! I have just tried to upload a music sample I created years ago but it gets stuck on 'processing your sound' - its been like that for a good 20 minutes. Should i just be more patient? The file is only 4.4MBs. Thanks

Thanks a lot! :) It really depends on the IPFS network state... Sometimes it's quick, other times is slow the upload, nothing that I can solve. Until we have loads of IPFS nodes around it will be like this... Please keep trying, ok? ;)

nice post. People can follow me and vote for my article. I am in need of money to cure ... help me.thanks

Brilliant coming along leaps and bounds. I'm looking forward to this

Thanks! :)

thanks for sharing keep it up

Thanks! :)

I love the idea of Dsound and how it extend to benefit content creators and artists. My concern is why the focus is only on music. Is that to say podcasts and audio books are not allowed?

Surely Dsound is a crypto rewarding version of Soundcloud? We know Soundcloud is out of business so where are all the podcasters and broadcasters going to host their content? Stitcher too is not rewarding.


Thanks a lot! :) And DSound is not only about music! It is for all audio/sound content. These are the sound types:
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 17.12.01.png

Follow + vote me please sir

Did someone say, BLOCK chain hosted Video sharing site?

we need roblox and minecraft steemit integration!

Anyway back to reality, moms spaghetti! but nos eriously Dtube.video is revolooshunaree and will be the great tol to use against youtube, so when youtube bans peoel theyll think twice because they know theyll just ppop up on Dtube! so maybe youtubewill have to STOP demonetizing peopel? Well honestly maybe we should want youtube to contionue demonetizing everyone so we can have them all join Dtube and steem! I cant wait for peopel to realize they can come BACK to life after being BAnned on Youtube, by starting over on Dtube and Steemit and then they will NEVER have tow orry about getting shut down ever again! Must be nice to be able to regain monetization via Steem and Dtube for videos that youtube made you take down!

I see SUCH a bright future for Dtube and Steemit toghether ...its only a materof time before peopel liek wikileaks even tries to

very good and helpful information. thank you
Good job and nice post

Thanks! :)

Is it going to be possible to allow embedding like Soundcloud?

It's on my shortlist... ;)

Wow.. that application good for musician want share they song.

That's it! :)

Oh Excellent progress. Can't wait for the dSound .... I love this post ......can't wait,can't wait ...very lovely post ..the most helpfull post..... I am very happy...

@prc how would that work with sound like in this video? https://dtube.video/#!/v/hellvetica/kdus4nxg

It works with any sound... :)