TUTORIAL BEATBOX PART 2 (Deeptrhoat) [English Version]

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DEEPTHROAT or Robot Voice

Robot voice cackling harsh and rough.
That way, we can imitate it easily.
But it takes a pretty long process. But there is a direct reply
The trick is as follows:

• We Talk AAA in a regular tone
• Then when talking AAA by press on
section of the throat (usually while pressing
hold breath) A voice like AAA voice
• regularly to match sound.
• itemCreate more experiments
such as: we order ripples in the throat
(akh ... akh..akhhh) tpi in hold (akhh .....) then us
include a letter like A-I-U-E-O.

If you can say a word "NOW". "MY NAME" or something else, and often drink water. So the throat does not hurt. And jngan too in force
That's a tutorial to learn robot sound or DEEPTRHOAT hopefully useful.
Yaa be the beatbox, there is always a process to go the best.
Okay so dlu, if anyone would ask further questions ask. I recommend basic training up to.


So just get here the tutorial that I share, to meet in the next beatbox tutorial, and if there is a shortage I apologize as much as possible.

Hopefully this article useful and make you happy to read it and lighten hands for us upvote each other.

That is all and thank you



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