No Promises

in music •  5 months ago

Ya never know, never feel untouchable.

I touched your soul, made you feel so comfortable.

If I let you go, I would feel so skeptical.


But I still gotta let you know that-

I cant make no fucking promises, I cant make no fuckin promises


Have you ever met another nigga like me??? I bet you wont say shit

cause I went from rags to riches, I bagged the bitches that gave me a straight face

Ive hit the baddest bitches, its sad but I had to curve them the same day

I treated them bad, I wouldnt be mad if I were to be treated the same way

So treat me the same way..

I was a savage to you, I had to give up and put all my hoes to the side,

I swear if i ever left you in the cold, its cause it was colder inside.

Ill be doing a follow up post on my quartz collection some day soon

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Hahaha. Seems like you are quite tough to say.
Awesome music and lyrics though

Good text and I like that they used orchestra that makes the whole music sound beautiful. The picture of your quarzt and crytal stone collection is it yours? The blue one of right side, looks beautiful I love blue stones. I can't tell for sure, is it Turquoise stone :)

Amethyst Rockstars don’t die