Calmly Smoke

in music •  6 months ago


Take the good with the bad, thats how the game is won
Cause the sun only comes out when the rain is done.

And when I exhale the smoke I let my problems float
When I blow out a cloud i let the drama go
All the bullshit, the issues all the gossips goes
All the rumors, all the whispers, all the talk just goes
All this money in my pocket and I still feel broke!
I let go of all the nonsense and I calmly smoke...

Theres nothing that can make me angry,

So take it up with God thats the way that he made me

Or take it up with Pops, thats the way that he raised me

Or blame it on the game for the way that it paved me

Then blame it on the money for the way it changed me

And blame it on my lifestyle and say that im crazy!!!

And blame it on the weed trynna say that im lazy!!!

Theres nothing you could ever say thats makin or breakin me...

And when I blow out the smoke out it takes all the problems away from me,
Let go of all the nonsense and I calmly smoke

Calmly Smoke- The Alchemist


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you look good


thank you rose <3


You're welcome

Amazing shot.
Prefect smoke capture.
Don't overdose

Hell yeah nice shot!

Get your dreams! And having a smoke helps with the meditation!

You are the blank sheet of paper!

Love it man and would love to have you on the show sometime. 4-5 pm every day pacific time.

The link is clickable!


yes man for gonna make myself a discord tomorrow in the AM and well talk some more over there


Sweet! Yeah live on the air now!

But maybe you can swing in for the Cannabis and cryptocurrency show