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RE: Calling All Musicians, Producers & Creators Of Music On Steemit!

in #music2 years ago

Sheez @inthenow! I didn't know before every detail of @enginewitty credentials, skillz, strengths & endeavors throughout the Steem blockchain. I didn't even know he was a witness either.

In fact, very little he had interacted with me along these long three years as to have known all this before. 😲

But I guess it's never too late to skin alive & properly a fellow music cat, knowing now that he's also a music lover, producer and busker. So, from now on, you and he might count with my vote for his witness account. };)

Cheers!! :)


Hiya! :D Yes it's never too late. Thanks for your support, very much appreciated! And nice jam on the video too!

My pleasure mate!! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the tune. Cheers!! :D

I could watch this youtube video forever in a loop :)
This guy (Jack Broadbent) is great!!!

Haha yeah @pundito!! :)

He got the feelin' he master the hip flask slider. He have the swampy soul!! Isn't it? };)