Mad Anthonys cover Fire On The Mountain

in music •  4 months ago

The Mad Anthonys at Lazy Days Winery in Amherst VA. Opening up for People's Blues of Richmond. Lot of Deadheads in the crowd, so we took the easy way and played a 12 minute rendition of "Fire on the Mountain". Probably more fun for the guitar players, but 2 chords for that long is no fun for me! This was the only tune that made it onto video, though...

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azaming tune love it!

who likes to listen guitar music

HI! Your video is great but it's better to see and hear live.

great guitar solo.. great music played...

I played this song for years in a band from Los Angeles called Troy. It may be a 2 chord song, but it's the GROOVE, man! You have to let this song breathe, and you did a fine job of that. You make me miss my old band, and you make me want to get something together that can lay out for 12 minutes on songs like "Fire" and cook it nice and slow like this. Thanks! Wish I had been there!