Unforeseen Surprises

in #music6 years ago

It's been a while since I have posted anything, @capetowngirl kind of took over my profile there for a bit but I'm back!!!

So the last few weeks I have discovered a lot of new artists, however I rediscovered two artist that I never like in their respective groups. As an solo artist things have been, well quite the oppiste.

First in order from the bottom to the top, their is Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas is most famous for his role in the group "Jonas Brothers", where they had songs like this.....

Luckily that ended and Nick went solo and we got something still quite commercial,but a lot better, something I'd actually listen to in my free time like this:

Then my favorite at the moment, MR Harry Styles.

Harry Styles is most famous for his role in the group "One Direction", where they had songs like this.....

Thank god that ended and then we got this banger of a track called Kiwi, wich might even be inspiration for writing on my bands new album.

Have you ever had muso's you hated and then later they brought out some cool tunes? Let me know!!!

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