Meet - The Midnight

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Hey guys so it's been awhile I know

I will catch you up on all the craziness soon but first I want to share with you this new band/duo I found, called The Midnight.


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I first came across The Midnight doing a festival with the sound company I work for called Pineapple Productions. We did a festival called Billy's Beach in St Francis. The festival featured mostly electronic music. Naturally when we tested the PA we used electronic music but with me and my boss only basically having John Mayer on our phones we handed it over to one of the other guys and this was what I heard:

Generally I never like electronic music except for the off chance i've had to many Tequila's but for some reason this music just stuck and I can't stop listening. To date I have found three albums namely:


Endless Summer


Days of Thunder

To date I haven't done to much digging on the band as I'm just taking my time getting to know and enjoy the music so their might still be more music. If you like it let me know, and if you know more than I do educate me. This has been one of the most exciting band I have found in a long time.

I'll leave you with one last favorite, I trust you'll enjoy it!!!

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