The strength to face it all (Original song by @philodendron)

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The strength to face it all

A distant impression
Same as a dream
A detail, lost to memory
Veiled behind blind resignation
The coming end
Waiting as we fall
The strength to face it all

Unfolding deserts
Burning winds wash through the plains
The seas in torrents rise
The truth is hard to disguise

Maybe tonight
The sun sets forever
Shame, regret,
Dare I choose
Between heartbroken emotions
Bitter rage, sorrow and hate
It dosen't matter
If the earth dies
The sun sets forever

All music, art and poetry is original work by Seb and Elaine @philodendron.


Heureux de vous revoir parmi nous :) Welcome back friends !

Upvoté à 100% !

Sounds awesome, I hope you guys are doing well! xoxo

Thank you @juliakponsford! Hope you guys are doing well too! Here all is good, we try to put as much time as possible on our music but work has been overwhelming, tis the busy season! Thinking of you guys and hope to see you soon! xoxo

J'aime bien !
La cadence de fond donne beaucoup de profondeur à la production. Très en concordance avec le poème. Une impression progressive d'avancée vers l'inexorable ...
Merci @pholodendron :)

Merci @ancolie! C'est super apprécié! Créer de la poésie à partir des émotions que la musique inspire est un exercice intéressant pour exprimer ou dessiner l'ambiance, dans ce cas ci c'est assez mélancolique. Éventuellement, on aimerais bien intégrer les paroles à la musique mais on se mets pas trop de pression là dessus. Merci de nous partager tes impressions!

The poetry and music seem to come together to convey a certain darkness. But really, the sensation I get from listening to the music and reading the poem out loud at the same time is a release, a kind of letting go then a calmness comes over me that can only be described as a deep meditative state where everything becomes clear.
Bravo Seb and Elaine

Thank you so much @nanabozho! Your reflection is spot on, that's exactly the vibe we were going for! Thanks for passing by! xxx