Taking care of business

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As you may already know,
most of the songs we have composed and posted in the last 2 years
on the blockchain are no longer here due to the termination of Choon.

We are currently working on bringing them back,
to make all our music available again.
But for now, we are very excited to announce that we just re-released some of our favorite ambient songs on our dear friend's independent label
called Deadstate! You can listen to these tracks
(Imperium, Dream or reality, Absent and Subdimentional)

here on bandcamp:


In addition to all the material we already have,
and the many songs we are currently working on,
we are planning to release a physical album in the near future
but the project is on hold for now because of the current restrictions
due to the ongoing pandemic crisis.
Hoping things will be going back to normal soon.
Rock on!