Full Album of Music, Im giving it away for FREE !!!

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How is it that the music we listen to has became so free! Where can I get paid as a musician?
Last night I attended a talk in New York (See I rhyme all the time)
It was called How to make money in music. Overall I learned a few things of interest but the biggest part I had trouble with was this..
Wait for it..

To make money as a musician you must sell merchandise!
Well come on!
That's it! Really.
download (1).jpeg

Yes, so I have to become a merchant of all things, I sell T-Shirts, Mugs, Bottle Openers, Posters, Jackets, USB Sticks. Oh and of course my CD and Vinyl.
Bullshit, I agree that I sould have copies of my CD and vinyl on hand but everything else, Damn. If I could sell enough of that stuff to make a living I wouldn't need to go out gigging. I would be comfortable with my sales business.

What a load of ...

Anyway, Here is a link to my Album on Amazon.

Its also on Spotify, but fuck it. You can have it for free...

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Highly rEsteemed!

'War on The Streets' and 'Nothing Left' are worth it!

How about instead of Dicking around with "STUFF", we run an Experimental underground internet radio network and unleash some Discordianisms?



I'm down and up for it Frank, I'm just a slow runner with many different races going on at the same time. I need to catch up with myself.

Listening now and loving it. I've given you as big a vote as I can right now. I hope others do the same. This is what should be trending.

I saw this via your Facebook post on the Steemit Musicians


Steevc that is an honour you just gave me, I salute you! My original comment had swearing in to express that said honour but I removed it, after all profanities are not all that useful, just know that I am indebted for your gratitude and appreciation. Thank you

Enjoyed the music and payed with the highest possible share of the reward-pool, I could give. Although the digital age offers a lot of opportunities for musicians to professionally create and distribute their music, it has become harder than ever to really build a (paying) fanbase. Have you heard about musicoin? Maybe that‘s something to try out. Good luck!


Thanks Shortcut, I have some stuff on musicoin, one or 2 experimental tracks, just to see what its all about. Thanks for the advice all the same, and good luck to you too!