DONNY FATAH - The Best Bassist In Indonesia Has Ever Seen

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Donny Fattah Gagola (born in Makassar, 24 September 1949) is a musician, songwriter and co-founder of Indonesia while the bassist of the band God Bless and music group Gong 2000. Donny was often involved in designing the album some of the rock singers like Ikang Fawzi, Nicky Astria.
Donny, North Maluku that bleeds this foray into the world of music since his teens and had joined the Junior's Fancy. Donny Fattah, the bass God Bless is one of the founders and main pillar of rock group, in addition to Achmad Albar, Fuad Hassan (alm), Yockie, and Ludwig Lemans. Musical career started when they shake the rock scene in Lemans Pub. At that time still under the name Crazy Wheels, the forerunner of the birth of the God Bless formed on May 5, 1973, when they broke through the stage of Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.
The game of bass guitar a lot give a contribution towards music and Donny is a typical bass player who always improvising, when apparent attractions over the stage. He was taught by the world's top bassists, such as Stanley Clarke and Geedy Lee (Rush), his increasingly sophisticated and always crowned as the champions bass Indonesia. Donny style became a trendsetter for the local players, including in Malaysia and Singapore. He introduced the technique of funky thump which was created by the world's number-one bass player of the year 1978, Stanley Clarke. The technique became a trend both in Indonesia as well as in some countries in ASEAN.
Five albums plus two hit singles has she had borne together God Bless. It is strong evidence that Donny is never absent in the project the album God Bless. For the Group's fans and music lovers rock nusantara certainly are familiar with songs like Black Ants work of Donny, She just Passed Away, musician, son of Adam or Satan laughs.
In the middle of the density of the schedule shows God Bless during the 1974-1976, Donny is surprisingly made the project D&R which means Donny and Rudy Gagola. D&R debut album entitled Bawaku And was released in 1975 under the label Pramaqua. The album spawned several hit and exploded between the dream and the other came the Trang. This album has employed many top singers such as Achmad Albar, Ida Noor, Djatu and Parmawati. As for the supporting musicians were aided by Jockie Surjoprajogo, Keenan Nasution, Aries, Leo, and Tommy. For the lyrics much aided by Theodore K.S.
The project continues as D&R released the second Episode (1978) production Jakson Records & Tapes. This album is different from the first album both in terms of lyrics and music. The lyrics contain more social criticism and many incorporate sounds sound effects that are tailored to the title of each song.
At the time of the race, experiencing God Bless Alex invited Setiawan Djody to reinforce the formation year 1990 Kantata which produced the first album entitled Kantata Piety. The project continues with the Kantata Group produces the album Samsara, Kantata Takwa Samsara, and Live albums in the year 1999 the berbuntut riots. In addition, Donny also invited Ian Antono for reinforcing formations Gong 2000 year 1990 and produced three albums and two live albums, namely Eastern Coals, Warriors, and the Tempest.
While the two live albums namely Live in Jakarta 1992 and 1 hour alongside Gong 2000.
Unlike his position in the Cantata no track results of his work, in Gong 2000 donny Donny active writing songs among other Banalities, mouth-mouth or Anticipation.
Year 2002, Owen convened to re-activate the God Bless. Donny, Ian, and Albar agreed finally to enable the passing of the new line-up. At that time, they invite Abadi Soesman which had joined in the era of 1979-1981, as well as two new faces who are still young i.e. Iwang Noorsaid and Noorsaid Host. The emergence of this new formation very seized public attention, especially when they make a series of tour from cafe to cafe which is populated mostly by the maniac God Bless and rock music lovers.

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