Time to Fly Take 2 — Review

in #music3 years ago

By Craig S Wilson

‘Time to Fly Take 2 is an eclectic blend of electronic and acoustic sounds assembled by Kris Reeder who plays trombone alongside processed noise and field recordings as well as his own remixed music. The album begins on a softer tangent and grows increasingly experimental towards the end in tracks like “Pain Threshold” and “For Deep Experience.”

Free stream on Choon here: https://www.choon.co/albums/9a27a63tki/time-to-fly-take-2

Full album info here: https://timetoflytake2.wordpress.com/

Kris T Reeder bio: https://krisreeder10.wixsite.com/kris-reeder

ttft2v7(1) 4k.jpg

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