Jazz-Grime inventor going big in the USA.

in #music3 years ago

Kris T Reeder (Trombone Creative) invented Jazz-Grime in 2016, FACT. That being so he deserves recogition for this monumental feat. The fusion of Jazz music and Grime music was coming, we all know that but it just hasn’t been done before or since in the way Kris T Reeder merged the two genres in ‘Go On Then’ (2016) or ‘Time to Fly Take 2’ in 2018. Clearly, Kris T Reeder is a massive deal and is making waves in the Jazz and Hiphop (big brother of Grime) heartland of the USA with an appearance in Jazziz magazine confirming that Jazz-Grime has already crossed the pond.

It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Listen to Time to Fly Take 2 by Kris T Reeder for free on Choon:

ttft2v7(1) 4k.jpg

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