Choon deletes artist accounts without warning.

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It has been confirmed by several artists and an article circulating (see Steemit article here) that music streaming platform has without warning deleted a number of high streaming accounts under the guise of term 14.5 of their terms and continues. This is spite of a clear determination at the outset by the then Founder Gareth Emery, who has now departed the platform, that artists would be incentivised from ‘streaming as mining’ (in the whitepaper) and that collaboration between artists and labels would be a major part of the platform’s landscape. Artists deleted include: Kris T Reeder (Highly regarded Trombone Creative with over 620,000 Notes), RavenMusic (with 1.5 million Notes), JWells and numerous other artists who contributed to the platform over the last 14 months.

It is clear that the new team at Choon which includes the likes of Parker McCurley and Adam Gall (Director of Engineering) from decent labs have been asked to steer Choon in a different direction but the deletion of artists without warning seems to be worrying for the platform which only has around 12,000 artists compared to Spotify’s 2 million + (2016) artists. It is difficult at this stage to see how artists would want to be part of a music streaming platform that is prepared to delete entire catalogues without any warning whatsoever.

Choon have so far declined to comment.

Listen to Kris T Reeder on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube:

Apple Music:


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I have been a member of the Choon community for some time and in big support of the platform and its innovations. My concerns come in today as a close member of our collaborative team DJ @D-Vine was removed from the platform. All our collaborative songs uploaded by her have been removed. I have grown to know D-Vine through not only collaborations on music tracks but also with her work on @mspwaves spotlight artists show. She is a massive support to the Choon community having promoted it endlessly on radio and shown great support to fellow Choon artists. She has been an active rewarding member of the Choon community, leaving generous tips and comments on hundreds of tracks. She helps guide and promote artists just starting out and undoubtedly brought in many other artists outside Choon to Choon. I do not believe this artist who has dedicated so much time into promoting this platform is involved in any cheating or knowing use of bots. I feel her removal is unwarranted and absolutely requires response. Is it possible mistakes have been made with certain accounts? is it possible for bots to be used on a persons account without them knowing? I have many questions here and a deep concern for my future involvement in Choon, which makes me incredibly sad because my team has incorperated it very heavily into our music promotions.

Sheez my dear Shavon! I'm afraid I scorched Choon platform after my recent ingress. };)

Thanks for this Soundlegion. This is shocking and infuriating and we all need to take action to stop this from happening again. BMN are committed to rooting out this type of behaviour which damages the music industry. Absolutely disgraceful.

Yep.. And I wasn`t even the one with the most NOTES. The deleted also an account with 1.8 Million NOTES. How much work has that been for the artist...
If you want to support my post, I would be thankful...

Thanks for this - absolute disgrace. Things must change fast at Choon

You really gotta think twice nowadays
where to "invest" your energy!

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