Blockchain’s biggest Jazz Artist smashes through 600,000 Choon Notes.

in #music3 years ago

Kris T Reeder, ‘Blockchain’s biggest Jazz Artist’ (Soundlinks) and ‘the World’s leading Trombone Creative’ (Choon) has just smashed through the 600,000 Choon Notes mark, a monumental milestone for Kris T Reeder. Kris T Reeder has had a string of hits in the top 100 chart recently and there has been talk of him launching his own blockchain music streaming platform. Kris T Reeder’s play volume has also surged 200% in the last 24 hours on Choon.

Kris T Reeder has his own ERC20 Token — KrisTReederToken (KTR).

Listen to Kris T Reeder for free on Choon here:

ttft2v7(1) 4k.jpg

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