3 reasons why MUSICOIN is ready for a massive breakout.

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MUSICOIN's price is hovering around the $0.020 mark and is primed for a move above $0.030 in the short term according to our analysts. The price of MUSICOIN has remained resilient after a short dip over the weekend and is expected to gain momentum over the next few days. The price of MUSICOIN is predict to be at $2.71 by the end of 2018 and there are strong indicators which support this. The overall moving averages over the longer period clearly support this price movement to $2.71.

MUSICOIN is in a strong position for a rapid price rise for 3 reasons.

FIRSTLY, the concept of a MUSICOIN is solid. The idea of giving 1MC per stream to artists and growing an eco-system dedicated to innovation and creativity has quickly caught the attention of thousands of artists and many more listeners. The emphasis on creativity being at the forefront is seen as a rebellion against the major labels who have made music dull and out of touch with many listeners, particularly millennials.

SECONDLY, the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts which MUSICOIN is built on is solid and is being rapidly expanded and upgraded by a crack team of programmers and engineers from around the world. The technology is so solid that major banks and even NASA are using or testing blockchain technology with sources from the US stating that they are researching the underlying blockchain technology thoroughly.

FINALLY, MUSICOIN is a revolution. Forget anything that has come before - MP3, ipod, CD, vinyl - this is a true revolution which sidesteps the idea of a centralised monetary system and forges a new path on the way to musical enlightenment. We're talking MUSICOIN as a music empire. Like the ROMANS conquering most of the known world, MUSICOIN will conquer all of the known musical world and beyond.

Listen to KRISG184 for free on MUSICOIN here: https://musicoin.org/track/0x0aef23b980688fd2d23479c3d6869fd2e000b807


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Wonderful info and I talk alot about this crypto platform as well. You are spot on, I am an artist and professional studio owner and I can see it as a way for the music industry to be taken back by the artists away from giants like YouTube (google) and Apple. User pays no fee,artist still gets paid. This will change everything when YouTube red becomes mandatory as a subscription to use it!

great content! and thanks again for following!

As a musician , and a crypto enthusiast, and someone that truly believes we're changing stuff ...couldn't be more hyped to use musicoin


@my-livin-truth I just created a discord channel for indie artists if you are interested in joining https://discord.gg/esgHUz

Alea Jacta est, Care Frater! ;)

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"The world is a coffin, we are dead alive..."

@ox17futuremusic I just opened a discord channel for indie artists... You are invited to it! https://discord.gg/esgHUz

I chanced upon music coin a while looking for good coins to mine which while low now may have good potential for the future. I Found music coin and was very impressed with the idea and the fact it has a working platform already! Not a lot of coins can say that.

I signed up to the site and started mining ( I only have a couple of GPUs so not a big player lol ) and out of all the different coins I have mined so far this is the first one I actually used. It has value and utility, that in my eyes looks good for the future!