THE MOVEMENTS - For Sardines Space Is No Problem (Full Album 2009)

in #music3 years ago

This is great. I'm surprised I'd never heard of these guys before. It's equal parts psychedelic, garagey, fuzzy, lo-fi noisy, and experimental.

And then it's a lot spacey. There are constant extraterrestrialesque key sounds throughout this entire album experience. It's wonderful. Whirring sounds, what I imagine space laser might sound like. That sort of thing.

Another one of those bands that sounds "kinda like Hawkwind." I don't mean that in a bad way.

The Movements, have taken on space rock, garage rock and now open the flood gates to the world of psychedelic rock. TheMovements fully exploit the dynamics of the psych rock and pop spectrum, painting the canvas with glorious panoramic kaleidoscopic colors.


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