Roni Size Cover (Beatbox) on Acoustic Drums

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I made a drum cover video of a Roni Size / Reprazent track called "Beatbox." For those of you not familiar with Roni Size's work he is a U.K. based DJ that came to fame in the late nineties as the founder of the seminal drum and bass group "Reprazent." Beatbox is a track on Roni Size /Reprazent's debut album "New Forms."

What initially attracted me to Roni Size / Reprazent (in addition to their hypnotic instrumental layering) were the live shows which included acoustic drums and bass. I wanted to make that acoustic vibe come to life in my cover of "Beatbox."

No triggers were used in my drum parts. I transposed the sounds of Size's original beatbox into acoustic drum sounds to the best of my ability. A friend and fellow drummer Tim De Ramos helped me make the video. We took a few takes and then mixed the best take with Size's version. Here's what we got:

Here's the version with just the drums from one camera:

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Wicked! Thanks for letting us @mammasitta know

You're welcome @massivevibration! Thanks for checking it out

Enjoy your well deserved votes 🙏🌺

Thank you @mammasitta !!

Thanks for your help @mammasitta and @massivevibration! I just posted another interesting drum cover. This time neotango. Let me know what you think thanks!

Very good post!! I love Drum and Bass!!! Here my blog:

Thanks! Nice blog and photos about your camping adventures. Best of luck in your travels!

Great playing, I like your control and independence over the set, I've always wanted to try out playing with two snares. One question, what the hell that on top of your hi-hat? Cheers!

Thanks! It's a seed shell shaker. Gives that hi-hat a little more presence.

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Yes this is the kind of stuff i like, thanks for dropping by to my channel and keep up the good work . Upvoted and Following ++

This is one of my tracks or you can take a look at some of my older stuff on youtube!/@tazbaz/20180225t141320943z-dj-tazbaz-gods-love

You're welcome. I just checked out your Youtube channel (dsound wasn't working for some reason) really nice stuff man. Really enjoyed the vibe of With or Without you and nice choice of instrumentation to support those lovely vocals. I subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work!!

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Thanks, I need to make the video for my new track but it takes quite a bit of time, i will link it to you when complete buddy.

Sounds good brother!

Ok, yeah I guess you could not get it to play either. Maybe a bug on that indivual post?

So sweet!
Awesome coordination

Thanks much appreciated!