Satirical Anti-Gnome War Mongering Music Video, 'Eradication Benediction'

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One Media®
"Eradication Benediction"
TFG (TONTTU) & Zigfried Totengnomentanzen

Zigfried Totengnomentanzen (hereinafter, 'Zig') met Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal (TFG Tonttu) earlier this year on several anti-gnome social media platforms. Zig's family name and crest clearly indicates a longstanding family tradition of creating and performing dead gnomes dances, and TFG Tonttu and all his recruits for decades have been dedicating their lives to raising consciousness of the general population as to the greatest scourge humankind has faced, namely, that of gnomes and their ruthless torture and subjugation of humanity. So friendship between these two Anti-Gnome Warriors (AGW's) immediately ensued, quickly resulting in this first collaboration. Although we'd love to proclaim "Mission Accomplished!", it seems this effort will only mark the beginning of these two collaborating in the endless war on the terror of gnomes.

Between February 27, and March 4, 2018 and while under siege of a gnome attack, Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal (TFG Tonttu) and Zigfried Totengnomentanzen of One Media® recorded the "Eradication Benediction", translated here from the original Finnish language benediction for the English-speaking gnome-hating world ...

Eradication Benediction

Liiallinen tutkiminen on ajan haaskausta
We must not waste our time on excessive deliberation

Tässä tonttujen vastaisessa sodassa ei ole kuitenkaan sivullisia
As there are no dissenters in this war against gnomes

Ja jos nyt liekinheittimiemme jalo tuli
And if the noble fire of our flamethrowers

Sattuu tuhoamaan jonkun omistamme
Happens to wipe out one of our own

Ei liene kenellekään koitunut suurempaa kunniaa!
Has anyone ever faced a greater glory ?!

Kuolkaa ylpeydellä ja huoletta
So die proudly and without any fear

Anti-Tonttu-aatteen edestä
On behalf of The Anti-Gnomen

Me voimme aina rekrytoida uusia!
For we can always recruit new members!

In the present tune, astute musicologists may immediately recognize a theme from Berlioz, Liszt, and one which maybe Paganini was the first to use in a secular context, but apparently going back to medieval times, 13th Century, as part of the Dies Irae (Judgement Day) liturgy. One of those three, maybe Liszt, first popularized the melody as 'Totentanz' or 'Dance Macabre'. Berlioz famously used it in the 'Songe d'une nuit du sabbat' mock Dies Irae section in his Symphonie Fantastique Of course, to modernize it a bit, Zig here put a bit of swing to the feel of it. Swing of course, like freedom itself, surviving, like humans by the skin of their teeth, the siege of gnomes it faced throughout the Twentieth Century.

The world would be a better place if we all direct all our hatred and anger onto gnomes.

While we can never presume to be safe from the constant dire threat of gnomes, the present musical work found its way onto the Dark Europa CD and download compilation on the Panicmachine label. Rest assured the highest echelons of our society are fully aware of humankind's present desperate situation. As such, other participants on this compilation include Allerseelen, Chaos Research (project of Marko "Gravehill" Hautamäki from Two Witches), Choronzon, Extreme Chromo (past multi-instrumentalist for Team NIK TURNER (Hawkwind) projects with a transfer loan playing guitar for Alien Sex Fiend™; later founder of Team Extreme Chromo), Jurica Jelic, Laguz Rune, Love The Ghost, Miel Noir, P. Emerson Williams (past collaborations include Jarboe, John Zewizz, Manes), Phobos Reactor (project of Oliver from Insect Plasma), snowW.Wwhite, several members of TONTTU, Veil of Thorns, and Winterhart (project of Falgalas & Wagner from Dance or Die / Darkness on Demand).

Happy listening!

©2018 One Media®


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Rofl...great video and music! :)

Thanks, Jeff !! Happy you took a look and I got to explain where some of this animosity toward gnomes comes from ... :-D

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