"My World" Video [Presentation of my own Song]

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Dear Steemians! I've said before that I'm fond of music. Yes! Music is my passion! I play different instruments and write songs. I want to share my work, hope you'll like it! I will be happy to know about this! So, don't hesitate to write comments, I'm ready for any feedback! ;)

Sincerely yours, Fedor aka PartyZan.

Lyrics (translated from Russian):

~ 1 ~

In my world, everything is always simple

It looks like an uninhabited island

But for me he is inhabited, for me he is a paradise

There are no cars, no people, no trams

Green bush under the joyful sun

The noise of the surf, sand, the air is sweet

And the first word that sounds here in the morning is

"Freedom", everything is saturated with freedom here

Freedom from "necessary", freedom from "must"

Freedom from fears of others and from lies

Freedom from fashion, freedom from rules

Freedom from all who is against the freedom


 My world is far away

 From fuss and anxiety of

 Asphalt roads

 In any season

 Here is love, here is freedom (good weather)

~ 2 ~

And sitting under a palm tree in this glorious wilderness

I sing songs in love with the soul

And around no one who could tell me

That it's time to wake up and walk somewhere

Yes, there's nobody here from whom I'm tired

Who does not believe in a dream, who has lost himself

Finally I hear my poems

All colors, all shades and all the touches

~ 3 ~

Well, there is no pain, no tears, no melancholy

Nothing that looks like these vise, and crushes whiskey

Nothing that could suddenly stop me to

Feel everything and tell everything

Oh, how I wanted to invite everyone here.

All, because here is cleanliness and beauty

But at some point I drew a dotted line:

"This is your movie, and this is my world!"

Original song lyrics in Russian language:

~ 1 ~

В моем мире всегда всё просто

Он похож на необитаемый остров

Но для меня он обитаем, для меня он рай

Здесь нет ни машин, ни людей, ни трамваев

Зеленые кущи под солнцем радостным

Шум прибоя, песок, воздух сладостный

И первое слово, которое звучит здесь утром -

"Свобода", свободой всё пропитано тут

Свобода от надо, свобода от должен

Свобода от страхов других и от лжи

Свобода от моды, свобода от правил

Свобода от всех, кто свободу давит


   Мой мир далек

   От суеты и тревог

   Асфальтовых дорог

   В любое время года

   Здесь любовь, здесь свобода (хорошая погода)

~ 2 ~

И сидя под пальмой в этой славной глуши

Я песни пою влюбленной души

А вокруг никого, кто бы мог мне сказать

Что пора просыпаться и куда-то шагать

Да, здесь нет никого, от кого я устал

Кто не верит в мечту, кто себя потерял

Наконец-то я слышу свои стихи

Все цвета, все оттенки и все штрихи

~ 3 ~

Хорошо, нет ни боли, ни слез, ни тоски

Ничего, что похоже на эти тиски, и давит виски

Ничего, что могло бы мне вдруг помешать

Всё почувствовать и всё рассказать

О, как я хотел пригласить всех сюда

Всех, ведь здесь чистота, красота

Но в какой-то момент прочертил я пунктир:

"Это ваше кино, а это мой мир!" 


This is a good way to present arts.

Absolutely impressive lyrics, great to hear such a wonderful song, thinking of learning Russian, now!!! guess am pretty sure about that.
Let the creativity and creative juices flow, freely, for all of us, to enjoy them.

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nice post . . .. .

Great video! I like it

Have an upvote for support! Great work, keep it up

I'm glad you liked it!

I think this is the first song I have heard in Russian... I will love to learn this lenguage

Ahaha ))) I will post more soon ))

Nice Song. The song has been very sweet.

I can' t understand all lyrics but.. it was so great!

Awesome lyrics love it !
Keep it up
God bless you

I love your post just the same way I love music.
I have upvoted and followed you.

Nice song! Congratulations

Your are very amazing. I really appreciate your work. I really like the Lyrics. If you translated more please also share them with me.

great bro , good way of sharing your thoughts with steemitians, i wanted to learn singing when i was in graduation , but then its not my piece of cake , good luck bro and all the best
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All the Best!!!

what a very great videob @omfedor i love the passion and the pace of the music
thanks for letting us in your world i also appreciate what @jamesc is doing great guys
keep it up

Buen ritmo.

Good talent you got there....if you need a beat producer i could link you up...he does good stuffs @omfedor

Thank you for your willingness to help, @mhideyh )

This is your movie, and this is my world!
That is amazing..

I'm very much happy about you because you do your passionate work and you good in this field

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A very beautiful article, Lake!

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i love this song

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Aunque ignoro totalmente que dice esta canción, me ha encantado, transmite algo muy bonito, gracias :) .

very great video. I like it


nice, carry on..!

As you said Music is your #passion! And you play different instruments and write songs. You are doing #great bro...
Your song is impressive dude and voice also...

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Wow great song.. I love this song.. In my country i am Biggest fan 😍

И вместо того чтобы ощутить эту свободу начинаем ее искать в чем то другом не имеющим к ней никакого отношения

i love how you play it with your partner,Is this perhaps your own composition?:)

Yeah, absolutely my own composition ))

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All the Best!!!

Thank you, @musalibre! Happy to hear it! ))

The lyrics is very touching, I love it! Keep up the good work!

Wow very nice work. Please follow me if your interested in blockchain and technology. I promise the most in depth reviews/articles around.


This is the best thing I've watched today...you are the best..🤗🤗

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Yo, in case you're interested i'm a music producer. keep up the good work!

Good video and great lyric. keep it coming bro

Very impressive my friend, please follow my work if you like 😊

Hi!!! Thanks for you music!!!

I have discovered that the meaning of my life is to make art. And share it with the whole world. Take it to each corner of the planet, and on the way to bring something positive to each person who crosses my path.
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Awesome buddy you have great talent keep it up @omfedor

Really catchy song with strong lyrics. I wish you all the success with your music.

nice song! I like your voice.

Holaaaaa, esperamos por tus artículos.