Anne Marie Inspires This One, Enjoy As You Watch { Ciao Adios } Naija Remix

in music •  6 months ago

Hello friends and fans , followers and followed. Greetings to all yee great people of steemit , shoutouts to all you amazing Steemians. It’s Mide on this one as you all know. It’s another freestyle from the amazing app smule on my phone.

Anne Marie is the inspiration to this one and this is a smule collaboration on one of her tracks titled “Ciao Adios”. Listen and share your view in the comment section, don’t discriminate but encourage, you’re much appreciated.


This video was made some weeks ago running into months now. This video has been posted once and it will be posted in the future just for promotional purposes. Self promotion is what i term it to be

The video was made on a karaoke app that helps to improve singing skills of the user. The video is a result of my activities on the wonderful app called smule , do well to check it out friends. Thanks for stopping by


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This is quite interesting. I enjoyed the beat and all. I am curious though; was it like a collaboration or your recorded and spliced two videos together? #bigwaves


I did this through a karaoke app, it was an amazing experience. You can check the app out as it allows such collaboration