Acousticsteveo Ft Mide { Community Song }

in music •  6 months ago

Hello everyone, I’m here again and this time I bring to you a collaboration with the consent of the two singers. This isn’t a karaoke app collaboration but my very first international collaboration as I’m learning and mastering my singing ability.

As I’ve said it was my first international collaboration on steemit and in my entire singing days. This particular song was made for a community which I was part of on this platform and this is one of the several songs I made for the community.

The invitation to feature on the song was an honor and a privilege to work with a more experienced singer who lives in the United States by the name @acousticsteveo, an amazing artist with over 100 songs recorded and the invitation I accepted with great delight.

The song wasn’t recorded professionally, it was a manipulated production just by the use of a phone app. The acoustic guitar beat was played by him and the lead vocal also by him. I took the backup and production of the song.

Don’t discriminate but encourage , this song is a result of learning processes so does some others so show some love. Thanks for stopping by, yours truly


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