BAY AREA MUSICIANS & DEVS! San Francisco Musicoin Meetup THIS THURSDAY!steemCreated with Sketch.

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The Musicoin Foundation will be holding it's first Bay Area Meetup!

@ San Francisco at the SOMA StrEAT Food Park!

Join me at the Meetup!

Once you find the Food trucks, we'll be under the enclosed awning.
Look for the Musicoin logo.

Musicoin Foundation has released the Musicoin Roadmap

Come ask questions about the roadmap, foundation, blockchain, streaming platform, universal basic income, and more.

Short presentation (20m) from Dylan Tarre (@oblsk in Slack) at 6:30 PM.
Answering any questions before or after.

SOMA Food Truck park has FOOD, BEER, and WIFI!

For Musicians:

  • Sign up & Get Verified instantly
  • See our Revenue Distribution Smart Contracts
  • Find out how become the Featured Artist

For Developers:

  • Get involved in Blockchain Technology
  • Check our GitHub and contribute
  • Submit MCIPs, learn about Mining, and more.

Join us in Slack today!


I think musicoin is gonna be revolutionary for musicians!

I've signed up and released music:

I have a few questions though.
Can someone help me with how to become a featured artist?

@hardikv The main things are, upload some solid music, make sure your profile looks good with a good background and profile picture, be active on the community, commenting, sharing, tipping, listening, etc.. That's how you get noticed.

Solid music - check
profile with background & picture - check
I will work on the rest of the stuff. 😊
Thank you so much!! 🙏🏼 ✨

Dooope, was just there last week. Gonna have to slide through and meet you guys!!